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Montessori Give Away!

Montessori Print Shop has a great give-away!!

There are new give-aways listed every day!  I know I would like to win this because of my lovely children.  They LOOVE all things Montessori!

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Today we went with our homeschooling group to  the Blue Army Shrine in Washington, NJ for a May crowning. The day was absolutely gorgeous! We started out with noon Mass at the shrine and then took a small statue on a liter to the Holy House and crowned Our Lady followed by a procession through the rosary garden praying the Joyful Mysteries.

Here is what greeted us when we made the trek up the big hill when we were done:

As my friend Viv said:

“That has GOT to be a sign!”

Yes, Viv, it does!

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In Just 3 Hours…

In just 3 hours I managed to do this with the middle children(9 and 10) and the younger children (age 4 and 6)

  • Morning Devotions
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Baltimore Catechism chapter 9: Holy Spirit (they seem to have it allbaltimore catechism picture down pat..will quiz tomorrow for snacks 😉

Sing Come Holy Ghost and discuss what the words mean.

  • Each child (except 4yo) read from American Cardinal Readers and discuss new words…also stressing speech skills projection and enunciation
  • Character building/Virtues Training:

mind your manners dick and janeMind Your Manners Dick and Jane (from Library)

Read the rest of chapt.1  Children and I take turns reading text and discuss. (it is a rather “light” book but it is a good conversation starter.  We laugh over the fact that Dick and Jane now have a computer…)

  • Geography: Yo Sacramento!yo sacramento pic

Go over Midwest states and quiz all info memorized up to this point (mental note to play a “mother may I” type game with the facts memorized up to this point tomorrow)

  • Middle aged Math (for 9 and 10yo):

Review times tables up to and including 5…quiz for speed and acuracy

  • foin the templer6yo: Standard Bible Story Readerbible story readers

Read “In the Temple

while 4yo colors St. Scholastica stained glass coloring from yesterday’s saint story.

  • for 6yo: Language of God for Little Folks

Do 2 pages Titles of Respect and Period and Telling Sentences

Laugh over the definition he gives for Mrs. :

“a martyred woman” (supposed to be “married woman”) [LOL]

  • little angel reader a4yo works in phonics workbook for short e and short i

spells words, reads Little Angel Reader “A Cab”, letter practice

  • 6,9,10yo Copywork:

Poem: “Little Jesus” by Francis Thompson (worked on better handwriting at the same time)

  • 6yo finishes pop-up book of Jacob’s Ladder (started yesterday) and narrates the story to me while I record it on his little booklet…immediately placed in page protector in his binder
  • Science:

what is a lifecycleRead What is a Lifecycle? by Bobbie Kalman

  • Computer time: to drill math facts, play Carmen Sandiago, and watch EWTN kids shows 4-5pm

For tomorrow:

put out Montessori cards for Punctuation Stories

print out graphics to be used in lifecycle books to be placed in binder until other parts can be assembled in a lapbook


We do pages for a lapbook or scrapbook every other day in one subject or another.

Right now we have a scrapbook going for Religion studies (parts of the Mass, items used at Mass, and  Discovering the inside of the church are pages we are working on right now).   I am marrying this into some COGS work in those areas. ….s l o w l y…we are still trying to get work consistent here and we don’t want to burn out.

In addition, we are working on some lapbook pages for Science exploration on several topics.  These hands-on works really seem to cement new topics and help us to retain more of what we read.

I have been alternating math days with the younger two (4 and 6) so we can really “play” at math for an extended period of time.  I also alternate history and science days with the younger 4 so we can focus on it more…it works for us!

meanwhile…the older 3 were working on independent studies…math, bible study, copyywork/poetry study and more…

Dinner is veggie barley soup with fresh herbs and is bubbling away on the stove…time to hit night speed-clean up and prepare for tomorrow followed by a long refreshing 5 mi walk with good friends after the younger ones have been tucked in….I will be the slightly harried mother nursing in that blue chair while I direct traffic around me. ..I can’t believe that:

  1. This is MY job!
  2. I am old enough to be a grown-up.
  3. I am actually accomplishing amazing things…(it doesn’t  always seem so whenever I start out, however…talk about FAITH!)
  4. I actually have a job I don’t mind getting up in the morning to do.
  5. I am still vertical without caffiene.

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You Are an Ice Cream Sandwich

You are well grounded, reliable, and very balanced.
You love to work hard, but you also know how to take it easy.

People might be surprised to know you have a very goofy side to you.
You like to let loose and have fun. You just don’t let yourself go too crazy!

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I had a rough night with some mild PMI (insomnia) and a teething 9mo and just when I would go to sleep, he would think it was a great opportunity to get up. If I got 3 hrs total that would be a generous estimate…

I was supposed to lose my 2 bestest helpers to my mom first thing this morning as they wanted to help her re-organize her school stuff(she is a teacher) I begged one of them to stay so I could get some shut-eye.

I was finally able to hand him off to someone and then I heard a ..bang! A huge branch fell in front of our house into the road and did NOT hit any cars!! (rush hour) …the road was loaded with them..how did that happen?? The branch ripped all of the electric and phone lines out of the house though.

About a half hour later my 4yo accidentally scratched the cornea of my 13yo ds. and he wasn’t a very happy camper…it was a beauty!

After several hours I finally got my twin that was out of the house back (thanking God that one of them stayed home with me) I was able to borrow my mom’s cell phone and call the eye dr…could I come now?? sure. no shower, no sleep…sure I can drive.

When I got back the power came on but the phone was off. I ran out before they left and asked them when the phone company was coming. “Well lady, we are the power company. We don’t really communicate with anyone…”

I managed a cat nap and now I am out to the garden store to pick up plants for our church garden which I was supposed to plant (last month!) but due to rain and lack of funds due to some re-structuring at the parish, I just got the money…oh! and my name is on the “the person in charge of the garden is” list. (I don’t know how THAT happened…) “They” (the people who don’t help but are great at gossip) think ‘I’ am a slacker! LOL!!

So, my 13yo is sleeping and the kids are full of dirt and I am going to just transplant them to the garden down the street…dirt is dirt. and I am dirt tired!

How was your day?

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Thank you so much Cara!

She is so cute!!

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