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from my blog and my home…I have not been blogging for awhile because we have “temporarilly” moved out to my parent’s home so the men in the family could destroy two rooms in our home and completely rebuild them. Yes, we are crazy to do this during the month of December…trust me ;o)

The phrase:

“Whatever doesn’t kill you will only make your stronger” applies here…a sense of humor is a must for survival ask me how I know…anyhoo….
The grand destruction began on Our Lady’s feast day of Dec.8th and we are still working for completion. Please remember to say a good Ave for us! I can’t WAIT to blog about our misadventures and growth in grace during these past 3 weeks. Oh my, the stories I could tell…

We felt like the Holy Family…dislocated and out of sync with all the mighty Advent/Christmas plans that we spent better than 3 months preparing. God had better plans than we did, apparently.

On the plus side, I am proud to say that we have a triple birthday coming up! My eldests (twin dds ) and my youngest share the same birthday…we will suffer through it with 3 cheesecakes (home made) each a different flavor…one for each unique personality ;o)

I will save you the bestest piece of course!

Well, I have hidden from my dh for too long…I have to go and get my hair re-done with plaster dust…LOL! One thing to remember when undertaking any “small…will only take 4 day project” in your home….is this short phrase that dh coined (my former marine) Semper Gumby! (always flexible ;o)

God Love you all! Happy New Year! May your lives be filled with many unexpected blessings…Our Lady of Surprises, please intercede for my dear friends who read this blog as you have for us!

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