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I have been loathing my large grocery bill purchases for quite some time. Having dh bring home less in the paycheck might have everything to do with that… ;o)

Hair care is one of those expenses that was really eating at me. The other thing was that I really want to live a life of abundance with my family and that includes abundant health. I was worried about the cheaper shampoos and didn’t want to purchase them and just couldn’t swing the large purchase for the more expensive natural brands.

I tried this:
No Shampoo Alternative
(and I kid you not it works…)
baking soda and apple cider vinegar…whowudda thought??!

It took a little while for my hair to get used to it and I found the results to be wonderful!

My hair is long and naturally curly. There was no way I could go more than one day without washing it if I wanted it too look its best in the past. Now it still looks great on day 3 (not that I usually let it go that long) It holds its curl despite many hours of tossing and turning in bed and it doesn’t have many ‘temper tantrums’ aka bad hair days….I can’t seem to recall one since I normalized with this method. It doesn’t even get too badly tangled in the back…and feels good through the fingers…aaaah!

It took me awhile to get used to showering this way. I have to hang my head upside down and hold up sections to get the baking soda at the roots (because of the length) and then I rinse with the vinegar and continue with the rest of the shower as usual.

Now to try this on the rest of my guinea pigs I mean…family! There is one little 5yo dd with curly hair that I am planning to use this on next. Her long hair gets so tightly curled that it gets unmanageable after a good day in the yard…so the experiment continues!! …and the list of practical uses of baking soda and vinegar gets even longer!

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