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I have been off the computer for a few weeks due to a messy hard drive crash.

I did use my time wisely, though.  My laundry is looking better (I reduced the pile by HALF!) and I have been re-organizing our learning spaces.  I need more time though…  (I won’t even deny that I wonder how I was able to get so much done…it WASN’T the lack of computer….really.)

It is odd to find funny things in your life and not actually blog them.  (I get through some general ick by thinking: “and how could I blog THIS” and it takes the heat off…LOL)  But, I did write  funny things on a piece of paper…You know, the ‘old fashioned’ way?  Now to FIND them… like this:

One night while finishing up a meal of yummy BBQ chicken, sunshine boy (6) was told by his Daddy:  “Go, wash up!”

Sunshine boy was heard scrubbing and bubbling in the bathroom for quite some time…and emerged later holding his hands flat (palms upward) in front of him..”Dad?  I tried and TRIED and I just CAN’T get these LINES off! ( he was rubbing his fingertips really hard and showing them to his dad.

Dad: “Those are your FINGERPRINTS and they aren’t meant to wash off!

Sunshine Boy: (Grinning from ear-to-ear)  “Oh Yeah!” and he happily skipped off to play.

The library and I are on better terms.  I am learning to use inter-library loan better and I really wish that the books they found worthy to be on their shelves were of better quality.  I did find however, that if I get out a book I should check back there the next day because it would often be placed out for SALE…sigh!

Well…off to do… more and more of …whatever it is I do…

(I do so much these days, I have no clue what it is called.  The work goes around the labeling part of my brain…to protect me, perhaps ;o) LOL!…my hands and feet just keep on moving and my lips and heart keep on praying!)

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Darn those kids!  They show you so many things about yourself that you have to work on.  I am so old…(ok I only feel old)…that I find I want to throw a temper tantrum like a three year old when it comes to too much change.  What is wrong with me? 

Growing pains.

The house is getting too small…What’s wrong?  Weeeelll….I need to seriously re-look at my surroundings and declutter.  (and include a novena for a larger home 😉 and try not to feel claustrophobic while we are all in the same room.

My little kids are now getting to be BIG kids…the little kid noise…down there, has become the NOISE up HERE and over my head!

I feel tired…what’s odd with that?  Well,  I am doing so much at once trying to “better myself”…

…that the inner me…again

…wants that darned tantrum.  It is begging for some GOOD chocolate now...

(woah…hope that isn’t addictive behavior there)

and the inner me says..who cares?  I WANT IT NOW

….hmm inner-problem child??

rose clip artI can’t tell you how much I have grown in the past year.  God has had His hand on my back propelling me through the last year saying “Good job (or read Job as in the Old Testament), but you need to be holier…faster…THEY need you to be…how about this wonderful method of sanctification….the refiners fire

gulp…the “they” is my family.  We had so many changing needs this year…lots of unexpected medical bills, a new baby, new growth in body (13yo ds is now 5ft8 1/2″!!) mind and soul.   We have to make do with less money, although we are eating more (see last sentence), and the bills all around are so much larger??  I needed heroic virtue to do my job.  I would rather prefer just plain virtuous now and then, just for the break!  Heroic virtue takes so much out of you…eventually you grow into a new normal…but you FEEL like giving in or giving up juuust before the JOY hits (yes Job, you have learned this lesson before 😉

I have learned SOOOO much.  I can’t tell you how creative I can be …even in the kitchen.  With a few onions, some garlic, cilantro, lime and ginger…..think cilantro pesto-type sauce…and herbs are my best-friends..they can add pizazz to any bean to make it sing for joy!  (I finally made my peace with beans after many fouled attempts, although dh claims that it wasn’t THAT awful…)

Dh is praying the rosary with us now… I can tell you one thing, the evil one that deserves no name, hates it.   he lets me know here an there that I am on the track where I need to be…LOL…those unprovoked attacks are a dead give-away….and it only took me some thirty some odd years to learn that trick.

I have good days and bad days.  Three gallons of tears today have passed and later I can tell you I feel a little better.  God is asking me to change so many things at once that sometimes the lack of “MY” control bothers me and I want to do something impulsive…like delete this blog…or paint the livingroom red(oh, only 1 wall over the fireplace…)..or scour clean the basement steps (to which the kids replied:

“Wow, I never saw her do that before!” …ouch!

(btw, the only impulsive thing I did was the stairs…not the other 2…)

…and  I am praying like mad, even though the words are dry as toast in my mouth and I can’t pay attention no matter how hard I try.  I figure that I couldn’t be doing anything better at the moment so praying done however badly is better than none…

…and I am praying through my work.  My work comes close to an escapist job but it isn’t…I am finding God there.  I have to make hard choices de-cluttering our learning spaces…it is a penance and a mortification that frees me…oddly enough.    I thank God for the gift of things even though I cannot afford to purchase the curricula that I really want to get this year.  I have to rely on the library even though I hate the looks they give me when I am there…we are just plain odd ( I mean why be so picky about a book about the life of a plant?  Umm…the book that you have is rather..boring and the one I am looking for isn’t?)… another mortification…arg  So it looks like I need to be HEROICALLY creative…even with our curricula!

…and I am smiling at the baby a lot!  He is so funny and sweet and innocent and he gives unconditional love…even while he is pinching my skin reaaaal hard trying to get my attention while I blog….

so I am off to do the right thing…cuddle my little man…and pray and work..and pray and work and find peace amongst the chaos of trying to put my heart and home in order.

what did I start off saying??  oh yeah…kids.  They show you the things about yourself that you have to work on. Ds(6) came up to me as I was upset today.  He wrapped his arms around me. “It’s ok mommy.  You are my best girl.  Now, do you want me to show you how to play?  I will teach you how to play with my cars. Don’t worry, Mom.  I will go slow!” The lesson I learned is this:  I can’t get so caught up in my own inner struggles and growth that I forget what is important…passing time with a child.  I think I learned more in my son’s arms today than I have in a long time.  Through the heart of a son, this foolish woman learned much today.

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My dear Young Edison(13)  is inordinately attached to the computer screen…it’s more of a moth-light relationship.  It FEELS like I am always struggling to get him to start on his homework when all he really wants to do is find ANYTHING even remotely related to education on the net.  A few days ago, I witnessed this behavior once again after I had asked him to begin some of his more independent studies.

“Young Edison!  Do your Math!”

and he disappeared into his room…

I later came back and saw him with his nose facing the direction of the monitors glow…

“Young Ed-is-on…….DO your MATH!”

and he disappeared into his room…

I came back into the room after hurling laundry into the washer and dryer, carying a baby in my arms that needed a diaper change, and with a 4yo attached to my left leg (also toting her 100 EZ lessons reading book) and pleading with me to sit with her NOW, and the timer on the stove was going off along with a very loud kettle all demanding me to pay attention to them.

Taking a deep breath to steady my temper I gently called out to him…

“EDISON!  Do you KNOW where your MATH book is??!”

He calmly responds, “Of course, Mom.”

I smiled as sweetly as I could between clenched teeth…”Look, I am trying to make the world a better place to live in.  Could you PLEASE, do your Math??”

He calmly responds with a smile, “Of course Mom!”

and he disappears into his room….

Later I asked….

“Did you do your Math?”

He beamed at me, “Yes! I really did!”

“Ok, then.  Do your history!”


Later on that night I was getting ready for bed.  My eldest dd was telling me that she heard of a good story and proceeded to share it with me.  “Mom, Edison told me that there is something he didn’t tell you today…”

“Oh yeah?”

“Umm yes, you see…every time you sent him into his room to do his math…”


“He DID it…as a matter of fact, he did 3 DAYS worth of  homework…”

You know something?   If I were not a sane person, moments like these might make me question it a bit.  He had his laugh all day.  Maybe the laugh was on him.  We are ahead of schedule with only 1 day’s worth of frustration to show for it! 😉 LOL!

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My 15yo dd was getting the table ready for dinner and she asked her brother Young Edison 13 to “Please, turn on the Sun” which in our house means to turn on the big light.

Young Edison quips,”Who do you think I am?  Apollo??!”

…at least I know he finished his Ancient History homework…<G>

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We made it through the winter without the flu!!!

Until Saturday.

..my 8yo dd got it…then the 4yo dd..then the 10yo ds…who is currently moaning behind me in the chair snuggled in a blanket.

This child is our “class clown”.  His usual chatter  is  laced with  jokes all day long.  Unfortunately, he isn’t one to ever suffer gracefully.  So my 13yo ds hobbled by and observing the uncharacteristic tone in his brother’s’ voice, asked him if he were experiencing sick humor. ..a statement to which my sick son rolled his eyes.

I warned the 13yo that he should watch out…when my sick boy recovers he will surely take matters into his own hands while the 13yo is busy getting sick.   The 13yo seemed surprised that this illness might actually dare to attack him.   I told him that in this house with all these little ones, it is like he is a marked man wearing a shirt with a bulls-eye on his chest.   As he walked out of the room he took his red t-shirt and turned it around backwards while he was still wearing it.  As his voice faded away into his room,  he quipped “Well, IF I am going to get hit with IT, I don’t want to see IT coming!

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Yesterday my eldest dd and I copied and pasted a quote into an email then got up from the computer and went into the kitchen to make dinner.  We overheard some excitement coming from the computer…Sunshine boy (5) was exclaiming in a loud voice,  “I finished my copy work! See?  I signed it…”

sure enough …he had opened up a word document to have a little fun young_girl_being_studied_writingand hit the paste option and the quote that my dd and I had ‘copied’ was on the screen with the ending “BY SUNSHINE BOY”.

“Phew!” he exclaimed.  “THAT was HARD work!  And I thought I would not get all my lessons done today!  God sure works in mysterious ways!!”

LOL…and so he proclaimed the ending to yet another long school day.  I know we are getting more into technology but this is rediculous!

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Dd (7yo) was doing some independent reading and when she finished the book, she sighed, closed the book and asked:

“Do you think Noah had a place for the fishes too?”

Me: “Noah?”

Yes, you know, like Noah and the ARK?

oldest twin dd(14:  “I think the big place that he prepared on the outside of the Ark was big enough to hold them..” ;o)

While on a nature walk along a local river…

Mom: “Ok, Kids. Don’t push each other because you will fall into the water…and don’t come any farther this way…it is all MARSHland…realllly muddy…”

Sunshine boy (5): “But Mom? Wait!! Where?! I want to see!! I don’t see any of the Marshmallows! Show ME!!”

Before the supervan moves to transport our clan anywhere I call roll….By the time I get to Sunshine Boy (5), instead of yelling “present!” like the others, he yells…: “I am a PRESENT!!”

…yes you are, dear boy! :o)

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I was eating my quick impromptu dinner which was loaded with salsa…I was trying to get done so I could power-walk at the park.  I was very thirsty and my lips were beginning to betray me and threaten to leave my face as they were on fire.

I asked in general…”can ANYONE get me a big glass of water?”…and there was a tap on my shoulder.  There stood my sunshine boy(5) with a huge glass of water and a huge grin on his face.

“I thought of this all by myself!”

I forced my lips into smooching my lovely son who went skipping out to the rest of the gang in the other room…”I gave mommy a glass of water and she loved me SOOO Much!” -grinning from ear-to-ear!

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“Mom? Why do you always tell me to put my best foot forward?”

“I mean…how am I supposed to know which is my best foot?”

ds aged 9

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We (dh, myself and our twin dds) had just put everyone to bed this evening and we thought about how much we would enjoy having the fragrant aroma of banana bread fill our home not to mention how good it would taste tomorrow. We had ripe bananas and a craving…But! We needed to find a good recipe…so… My dd(13) grabbed one of our favorite cookbooks and explained that she couldn’t find a banana bread recipe in it because the search engine (read index) in the book doesn’t work too well.

…hmm…I think we will test our reference skills while we have banana bread for tea tomorrow…

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