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I knew I wanted that wonderful large Le Creuset RED pot I saw in TJ Maxx before Christmas…

Ck out this article….

And more information about Toxic Metals from Weston-Price

I have the perfect excuse for re-conditioning my cast iron cookware!  There seems to be a bit of debate as to the best method.

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I just got back from doing our local egg run.  Our local Farmer’s Auction Market sells eggs in bulk.  I opt for a case (30 doz) and share the savings with our friends and family.  They come in large and extra large size in either brown or white.  This week XL white were the best priced at 1.36/doz.  (down 4 cents from last week)  and come beautifully packaged on 2.5 doz flats in a big brown box.  Just barely light enough for me to haul into my van.

.. .Unless you start smiling at a nice farmer and you get help… I’m just sayin’…

Eggs are very good for you.  Now that I am rather GREEN and will be for at least another 5 weeks…hint, hint…

I am really enjoying the fast protein snacks and meals they make!

Thanking God for the incredible edible egg…

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Not willing to give up the natural dye route for Easter eggs this year, I followed Martha Stewart’s advice on creating natural dyes. I have tried various recipes before and suffice to say the kids weren’t too keen on me trying again. But! THIS year I had a wonderful selection of pastel-ly eggs! We had blue, purple, orange, pink, green, and yellow…all FIVE dozen of ’em. Unfortunately they are all gone now…but a much loved addition to our Easter Sunday morning breakfast of Babka, kielbasa, horseradish, Easter eggs, hot cross buns and OJ!

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I am s l o w l y edging my way through the first trimester…it being lent and cold and winter…doesn’t help much!

I am gagging and green but have found a few things that I actually like to swallow…

I am going to make my own Kombucha …eventually. I can’t wait to try!

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How about a food challenge?

I am trying to be ultra-thrifty with food, not sacrificing quality, taste or my pocketbook.

Does anyone feel up to sharing creativity?

The situation:

  •     you have 45 minutes until your soup is done bubbling on the stove.
  • you want to make something bread-like to go with dinner
  • you don’t have butter

you do have:

  • flour(wheat but tastes and cooks like white)
  • cornmeal
  • lots of eggs
  • regular baking stuff…salt, baking powder etc
  • raw honey
  • cranberry sauce
  • oranges
  • milk
  • olive oil, palm oil, and coconut oil

What would YOU attempt to make to go with your soup that would make your family feel warm and fuzzy inside?  hmm?

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I finally made this loaf of  Wheat (seems like white from berries that taste like white…oh…what are they called?…hard red winter or is it spring…or is it soft red winter or spring…I assure you, it was the correct one but I did the research and ordered the berries months ago…sigh!  …this is my real life folks! ) ahem…bread and this Honey Butter Recipe….I served the butter soft from the mixer…spreads like…well, like butter!

The bread had a wonderful rise and a beautiful crumb.  It sliced easily and makes great sandwiches…if you make it that far, that is!  I used lecithin as a dough enhancer at 1 TLBS per cuppa flour.  You know there is a problem when children request this before brownies, cookies and cake for a dessert…LOL!

HT: to Melissa at A Piece of Bread!  mmmm…thanks!!

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Bread Starter Help Needed

I had some great links for making bread with a starter.
I also had some great advice as to how to keep it going while homeschooling. 
I lost it all. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Do you have any favorite links and or advice to share?  Please post away or send me an email at tapp^clan at hot^mail dot com….please take out the ^ and add  @ and .    …hope I didn’t make it too hard…lol. 
I am ready to be a breadmaker that uses a starter all the time for a family of 9 (7dc)!
What is your favorite equipment and pans?  What are your favorite recipies??  I sooo want to learn!!

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