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Late Summer Field Day!

Field_day_button_2Get a sweet cuppa tea and get moving because summer is fleeing fast!  It is time to savor what it still has to offer!  And so… go on! Get yourself over to Dawn’s Late Summer Field day and enjoy her hard work!  It is just lovely, Dawn!

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Nature Study Carnival!


Be sure to stop by and visit Dawn from By Sun and Candlelight today!!  She is holding a blog carnival on nature study….~ Field Day: The Early Summer Edition!:~.  This is a wonderful post to sit back and linger over…  just snuggle up with your ‘puter and a warm cuppa and be prepared for some wonderful articles that satisfy your longing for nature!  Wonderful job Dawn!!  :o)

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Nature Study


I am learning to discover an appreciation of nature as God’s fine art.  I struggle with it because I never really learned it as a child.  I remember being very young and looking at leaves and bugs in my own yard and wanting to know what they were and I had no way of finding out.  I would gaze at the trees and want to know what they were called and what they did, and even asking adults, but they were too busy to seek out the answer and tell me or even providing me with a way to know. 

I find that learning something new is somewhat like brushing your teeth.  At first you have to pay very close attention.  Later it becomes much easier and you can brush without thinking about it…it just fits naturally into the day’s events.   I hadn’t gotten to that stage with Nature study and it always ended up on the back burner.

When I read this wonderful post at Lapaz Farm Home Learning !  I found such inspiration to keep at it until nature study becomes as incorporated into our lives as well…brushing our teeth.  But of course it is MUCH more than that…it is taking a pause to APPRECIATE and understand God more in His creation.  I think that at times we need a deliberate pause to discover and learn what God has to teach in His creation, but not just with our heads, but with our hearts.

Image:Greg Olson I Feel My Savior’s Love

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