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Usborne Benefit Eshow

My dear friend Jennifer, from Magnum Opus, is hosting an Usborne Eshow to benefit a local shelter in her hometown. Any free books that she earns as a result of this eshow will be donated. If you use this unique link

and order any books for yourself from Usborne, you will be working to support a very good cause.

Please share this link with your friends and family and on your blogs, if you will.

If you have any questions about any of the books, please feel free to drop me a line at tappclan at hotmail dot com and I would love to help! We have a great lineup of Usborne book testers that range in age from 2 to almost 14 years. There are many many books that have been given 2 thumbs up from this great group. They will also be at your disposal for any independent reviews, should you need any!

This is from Jennifer:

“I’m hosting from today through next Tuesday. My reason for holding the show is so that the hostess benefits can be used to donate books to the local shelter here in town. The thought of children without their own home spending uncertain times with high quality books is very important to me; all of God’s children deserve the best. So if you’ve been thinking about what books you need, now is a great time and it comes with a great cause. You can shop and order at this link

It’s also a great time to shop for next quarter/semester/ or year (for those of you who are mega planners! : ) and also for really great Christmas presents. Not to mention St. Nicholas day, baptism gifts, little advent gifties, books for your parish crying room or Adoration Chapel (to keep littles happy and quiet) and really for anyone who reads, or wants to learn how.

Please (!) share the link with anyone and everyone. I’m hoping and praying that this is the “show to end all shows” so that we can shower these children with some really great books and shelter them in knowledge and love.”

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Our wonderful panel of judges would like to announce the winner of our Usborne domain name contest

And the winner is….

Drum roll please………


I will hold you in suspense as to the exact domain name until it is formally up and running on the net!

…stay tuned!…I’ll post as soon as it hits! :o) 

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Due to pipe breakage in the basement, we are selecting a winner tomorrow.  Life is always pre-empting my fun ;o)  IYKWIM
You will be happy to know, however, that thanks to a very tired brother, husband, and father, our water usage has been restored to better than new status….THANK YOU GUYS! :o)  …and yes, I owe  you AGAIN;o)

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Usborne has an awesome hostess deal for July and August…

Check it out!Download june2007Hostess.pdf
And the Usborne Book of World War II is on special this month…A great conversation starter and fuel for learning with a 2 page colorful and information packed spread that  takes the overwhelming out of this time period….
here are the customer specials—–Download june2007customer.pdf

   It is painless, easy, and loads of fun to book an eshow…you just share a unique link (that I give you) with your family and friends and you can earn free books and books at a discount!  Please contact me for more information at child of mary 2002 at yahoo dot com.  Go on and try it….but I’ve got to warn you, you just might fall in love with these beautiful educational books!;o)  ..take it from a lady with children who have!

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Domain Name Contest!

I need to come up with a unique domain name for my Usborne web site.  So!  I am holding a contest for a unique domain name.

For Example…
Juliestuff.com  is the domain name for Julie who has an estore to sell some of her wonderful stuff!  It is catchy and hard to forget.

So what would you call an Usborne book site that is owned by a homeschooling lady named Donna Marie that sells books that her kids love to read?

It can be catchy…easy to spell…unique…something that would get your attention…etc…etc…use your imagination! 

Email your selection to me! at:    tappclan at hotmail dot com   (remember to add in the @ and the . in place of the words ;o)

Our unique panel of Judges here will select the winner on July 26th the feast day of Sts Joachim and Anne …Our Lady’s parents….and the winner will get $20.00 worth of free books from my Usborne site!

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And the Winner Is……

The winner of our Tweaking the Curricula Party

For Free shipping…..

Julie Howard!

and the free book drawing winner is…

shuffling the papers in our heart shaped basket…

(drawing being done by a lovely lady that just pulled up in a car to visit…)


Julie Howard!! from Trinity Acres and Julie’s Stuff!!

Thank you to all who participated in our Tweaking the Curricula Party!!

Remember you can order from my Usborne site at any time.  You can set  up your own ebook party and earn FREE BOOKS too!  Contact me for the details!  tappclan  at  hotmail  dot com

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Just a reminder that our Tweaking the Curricula Book party is still on! Due to popular request, the new closing date is for the 15th  of July.  Remember, for every book you order, your name will be placed in hat for a free book drawing.  The person who ordersFairy
the most books will get FREE SHIPPING!  Feel free to ask questions! 

If you would like to host your own book E-party, let me know.  Usborne has a great deal for those of you who would like to host a July party…double free books to the hostess with two bookings…an unbelievable value!  It is incredibly easy and all on line!

I know I can’t wait to get my order for some of Usborne’s new titles!  Check it out!
Use this unique link to order today! 

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