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I just can’t speak. 

My voice is gone. 

I have read aloud the Hidden Treasure of Glaston for the last two days and looooved every minute of it.  But, alas, my voice doth fail me!  Catholic high adventure during the middle ages at its finest!

The twins (13yodds) were seated on chairs next to me…No… on the EDGE of their chairs and once in awhile they interrupted with "Why did they do that""What do you think that means?! and "Do you think that is TRUE?!"  I had to remind them more than once not to pull me away from the wonderful picture that the words of the story were painting for me in my mind.  I told them "When the words come out of my mouth you will know!" LOL  (They still think I am holding out on them when I don’t tell them  everything ;o) 

Wonderful thing is, we have been covering Illumination for some time now and are very interested in it.  This book "illuminated" that study rather well with its plot.   Thrilling read.  We give this book 3 thumbs up!

Hmm…time to update the sidebars with the new reads we are going to be sharing!…

How  much fun it will be to jump from England to Ireland tomorrow!!

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Ok…I have to ck out all your wonderful blog posts from yesterday  as my modem decided to drop its drivers and my son used the back-up disk as a hockey puck….but that isn’t what is so WOW about today.

My twin girls LLOOOOOOVE Hilda Van Stockum books…you know, like the Mitchels Five for Victory…etc?  Well, in May I wrote about it here:
Oh for the love of…

How would you feel if you went to her official site and found this?: http://hildavanstockum.com/books.asp

Did I tell you how much I loooove blogging?!!  My dds only wish they could have told her how much they loved her books.  This beloved author died on All Saints Day…she is in our prayers…may she rest in peace!  Here is a wonderful tribute to her.  Read even more about her here.  (I won’t even comment on this article as there is so much to discover about her…oh just READ it!!)  I LOVE that she lived the Liturgical Year!  We are trying hard to do that here too!! 

Thank you, God for sharing this precious soul with us to brighten our hearts!  She certainly colored God all through the world around her!  What a GIFT she is!

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(The Dream Keepers by Kathryn Fincher)

God Bless America! ~(Information about America’s unofficial national anthem)

While the storm clouds gather far across the sea,

Let us swear allegiance to a land that’s free,

Let us all be grateful for a land so fair,

As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer:

God Bless America.

Land that I love

Stand beside her, and guide her

Thru the night with a light from above.

From the mountains, to the prairies ,

To the oceans, white with foam

God bless America

My home sweet home.

God Bless America,

Land that I love

Stand beside her,

And guide her,

Through the night
With the light from above,

From the mountains,

To the prairies,

To the ocean,

White with foam,

God bless America,

My home sweet home.

God bless America,

My home sweet home.
~Irving Berlin

Godblessamericaposterby_g_harvveyWhat we are up to this week…Discovering more about America and July 4th!

Print out this page and listen to :
The Pledge of Allegiance as recited by Red Skelton….don’t miss this one!!

Happy Birthday America!!

The Declaration of Independence, a rough draft of the declaration, The Declaration (picture) 

America’s Freedom Documents
Information about the Constitution for Kids, and for older kids
Flags in History (use this info to make 3 Part cards!)
Parts of a Flag, More Flag Printouts

Flag Border Paper  (Have the kids write out the pledge for their notebooks!)

U.S journal pages, 4th of July Activity Book, Great Seal of the U S, July 4th Activities and Crafts

FlagcakeWhat we are EATING: Flag Cake!

What we are watching!  1776

What we are reading!:

Jean Fritz Books:
SSSH We’re Writing the Constitution
And Then What Happened, Paul Revere?

Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?

Will You Sign Here, John Hancock?
Why Don’t You Get a Horse, Sam Adams?

Fireworks, Picnics, and Flags: The Story of the Fourth of July Symbols

The American Flag (True Books, American Symbols)
A is for America(True Books, American Symbols)
America : A Patriotic Primer
Pledge Of Allegiance

The Children’s Book of America

American Patriotic Songs Picture Books:
This Land is your Land
My Country Tis of Thee
Purple Mountain Majesties
America The Beautiful

Artist Study:
God_shed_his_grace_on_thee_terry_redlinrTerry Redlin
(The America the Beautiful Series)
(Dh and I looove this artist!!)

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Despite the Utopian spring day, what I overheard from the girls bedroom amid the  sounds of squealing and shouts of "MO-OM…she won’t give it back to me!"  and "Mooooooooom!  I want to read it!"…"No, I am up to the BEST part where they…"…"No, I am at the climax of the action, I can’t stop now!!"  sounded like some battle from Narnia!  Louder and louder the din crescendoed till finally I was able to eyeball the scoundrels in the top bunk wrestling with each other and a book.

Hilda_van "WHAT is going on?!   We spring cleaned the bookshelves yesterday and they found one of their beloved treasures:

The Mitchells: Five for VictoryMitch

and both twins claimed ownership.  "For the love of that dear author…say a prayer for that dear lady and my peace of mind!"  Feeling somewhat like Solomon, I had to confiscate the book …went into my room…shut the door…just took a peek at the book and accidentally started reading…they should get tired of pounding on the door anytime now….

I think what we find in the pages of this and her other books is something rare…SOMEONE with whom we can identify…a special lady that has a cherished secret that can be found and embraced in living a famly-centered life!

We love to read our way through history…it has made it come ALIVE for us!  We use the lists at Bethlehem books  and Love 2 Learn.

Hvs All of Hilda Van Stockum  books are a hit here…most especially these family-centered books!:

These two books are the second and third book in the Mitchell’s series….all three of  which take place in America during WWII and show great spirit, family unity and old-fashioned family values in a large family even amid difficult circumstances:

Canadian Summer

Friendly Gables

This series of three books takes place in 1930’s and offer a wonderful view of family life in Ireland:

The Cottage at Bantry Bay

Francie on the Run


And these next three take place during WWII:

1940’s  Holland:
The Winged Watchman

1943 Holland:
The Borrowed House

1940’s Holland:

and just for fun…for the Christmas basket!
The Angel’s Alphabet

Many of her books are out of print and are a treasure to find!

Did you  know she was a Montessori  instructor in New York in 1934??  Here is another article about her work!  It LOOKS like it is written by her granddaughter.  It is a great article about catholic formation and Hilda Van Stockum’s books…especially wonderful is this quote:

"The argument of this paper is that Hilda van Stockum’s novels provide a welcome antidote to the anti-Catholic slant of most modern children’s literature in two ways. First, they embrace the “culture of life” and promote the virtue of sacrifice required to sustain this culture. Second, they uphold the value of the Catholic sacraments, showing them to be indispensable sources of grace as well as the ultimate celebrations of our lives. For all this, her novels are never preachy or moralistic, and thus may reach children’s hearts in ways that teaching texts or sermons may not."

HvsermWe do love you Hilda Van Stockum…thank you for sharing your gift of storytelling with us!!

Hilda Van Stockum’s wedding 1932

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