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Our wonderful panel of judges would like to announce the winner of our Usborne domain name contest

And the winner is….

Drum roll please………


I will hold you in suspense as to the exact domain name until it is formally up and running on the net!

…stay tuned!…I’ll post as soon as it hits! :o) 

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Due to pipe breakage in the basement, we are selecting a winner tomorrow.  Life is always pre-empting my fun ;o)  IYKWIM
You will be happy to know, however, that thanks to a very tired brother, husband, and father, our water usage has been restored to better than new status….THANK YOU GUYS! :o)  …and yes, I owe  you AGAIN;o)

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Your Superpower Should Be Mind Reading

You are brilliant, insightful, and intuitive.
You understand people better than they would like to be understood.
Highly sensitive, you are good at putting together seemingly irrelevant details.
You figure out what’s going on before anyone knows that anything is going on!

Why you would be a good superhero: You don’t care what people think, and you’d do whatever needed to be done

Your biggest problem as a superhero: Feeling even more isolated than you do now

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Online Dating

This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:


  • hell (1x)

Hmm…I wonder what post that came from…LOL

HT: Elizabeth


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Usborne has an awesome hostess deal for July and August…

Check it out!Download june2007Hostess.pdf
And the Usborne Book of World War II is on special this month…A great conversation starter and fuel for learning with a 2 page colorful and information packed spread that  takes the overwhelming out of this time period….
here are the customer specials—–Download june2007customer.pdf

   It is painless, easy, and loads of fun to book an eshow…you just share a unique link (that I give you) with your family and friends and you can earn free books and books at a discount!  Please contact me for more information at child of mary 2002 at yahoo dot com.  Go on and try it….but I’ve got to warn you, you just might fall in love with these beautiful educational books!;o)  ..take it from a lady with children who have!

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God has a sense of humor…He certainly does. 

I have an angel of a 4yo ds that is more beautiful than sunshine and sweetly compliant most of the time.  In contrast, his sister is the most strong willed 2.5yo. on my planet.   My ds spoiled me.  I got soft. 

Said 2.5yo dd THINKS she is in charge…we do not give in, but she does not stop thinking that she is.

  The lady in Staples, I think, is still laughing over her diligence…."I walk now."  No, (says I)…you are going for a ride in the cart. "I walk nooooow" …voice rising to an uncomfortable level…"I WALK   NOOOOW".… and in a great 180…a calmer voice,…Hi Mom, I love you!  I get down now" {sweet smile}  miffed because she feels gilted"Mom!  I SAID I walk NOW!"
Mommy pretends she has a hearing problem and smiles with confidence as she holds toddler’s jumper firmly with one hand and the cart in the other to prevent her from jumping ship….

In addition, she is getting into everything.  In the last 24 hours she: 
put cleanser in the sea salt,
dumped 1/2 of a bottle of dish soap,
soaked the counters (I thought something was up when the valance over the kitchen sink was dripping)
Got into my very pricey 5 gal container of coconut oil…and emptied about 3 cups of it all over herself, 6yo dear sister and my kitchen floor, one rubber duckie and the step stool…and it dripped into the utensil drawer…(I never heard her giggle so hard.)
completely soaked the bathroom where it was dripping downstairs
and broke up a Styrofoam board that was with my organic veggie order and littered the teeny beads around most of the main living area.

Now you MUST be thinking…where was her mom?!  I was cleaning up 2 steps behind her..in the wrong room each time and any babysitters I grabbed promptly forgot about her destructive potential whenever a better offer came along.  She has got to rest sometime. I fear the whole house is grounded.

Firm purpose of amendment…she will be my shadow…chained to my side.  I have the profoundly deep feeling that I am outnumbered but will not be overcome!  I was going to put her in a big girl bed in the girls room.  WAS.  Not now.  I am keeping the little angel in my room just in case she decides to run the house while I sleep.  She is pretty darned cute as she sleeps with her long eyelashes and head full of tight dark ringlet curls…. 

Don’t get me wrong, she has many redeeming qualities.  I am madly in love with her. She is very bright and has the best smile…but…she has certain moments….God must think I need a stronger backbone and I am growing one from scratch.

Did this ever happen with any of the other children?  I don’t think so…but then again, I do have a tendency to block out certain memories…someday I will think this is all a blissful walk in the park.

My dh is bringing home ice cream…
Diet schmiet….I NEED it.

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Domain Name Contest!

I need to come up with a unique domain name for my Usborne web site.  So!  I am holding a contest for a unique domain name.

For Example…
Juliestuff.com  is the domain name for Julie who has an estore to sell some of her wonderful stuff!  It is catchy and hard to forget.

So what would you call an Usborne book site that is owned by a homeschooling lady named Donna Marie that sells books that her kids love to read?

It can be catchy…easy to spell…unique…something that would get your attention…etc…etc…use your imagination! 

Email your selection to me! at:    tappclan at hotmail dot com   (remember to add in the @ and the . in place of the words ;o)

Our unique panel of Judges here will select the winner on July 26th the feast day of Sts Joachim and Anne …Our Lady’s parents….and the winner will get $20.00 worth of free books from my Usborne site!

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