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Ds (4) was rummaging around in one of my cabinets and emerged with a lamb cake pan that I had found at a garage sale last spring, but did not have the chance to make for Easter.  He did not even know that the two sides fit together to form both sides of a cake and he was so enchanted by the whole thing.  He then ran to get his own little lamb…he loves this little plastic thing dearly and wraps it in a piece of material and places it on a special pillow on his bed at bedtime.  His older sister saw him cradling this little lamb and asked him what he was doing.  "I am hugging Jesus"  She asked him, "but why do you love that lamb so much?"  He said "because I love him and I love him and I love to have his name baby Jesus.  The lamb that is a cake pan is Jesus and I want to name my little plastic lamb baby Jesus."  He came up with this whole thing on his own..no one told him anything about the cake pan or what it was for except that it helped us celebrate Easter…WOW.

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