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….for almost 2! years I have been walking.  Not just a little stroll in the park, mind you.  I have been WALKING in the rain, in the snow, in the cold wind, after a good day, after days that hit so hard that I could barely breathe, while I was pregnant, and while I was greeen with morning sickness, and with muscle aches and pains, and when I was in LABOR! I have been walking for 1.5 years…every night…5 miles a night after the kiddoes are in bed and with a sitter.

The police around town know us…

The people that I see in the supermarket point and say “hey!  its them! and boy is that baby getting big!”

Do I know these people?  Nope.

But I have prayed for them.  Round and round our town past their houses and cars …with a friend from Church and my dh.   We have been walking, and talking and praying and trying to make sense of our world, our vocations, our gifts, our unique calls, and whenever possible…to laugh…out loud! ….for a loooong time….YES! Even in LABOR! (although I am sure it made our friend a little uneasy as I thought the laughter would just evict that little man 2 miles in the middle of no where..and me gasping for breath as my stomach shook up and down and my eyes rained tears for the unexpected joy of friendship!   I tell you, that boy should have been named Issaic!

Today we tested our commitment a bit…

We followed the Letter Carrier’s creed.  We put that to the test.

Neither rain nor gloom of night kept us from our appointed rounds. AKA: “THE Walk”

The rain (I should clarify that, the word DELUGE comes close) was unabaiting, coming sideways…the wind pushed us off course (ok, so there was no wind)

walking-with-GodThe first thought I had was rather girly of me….“Oh no, my hair!” and “Thank God I didn’t wear a white shirt!” But, once I was in that shower for about 5 minutes and nary a bar of soap in sight,  I started wondering how hard God was laughing….pride be dammed, I decided.  I was going to ‘test the waters a bit’.  We walked on…we took that walk God was leading us on.  We didn’t want to stop.  We wanted to stay strong and finish strong.

…no hat, no raingear, no umbrella to block the view(not that I could keep my eyes open too much).  The puddles turned into rivers (and some nice swimming holes).  Something funny began to happen as the icy rivulets seeped through our soggy clothing and down our necks.  We lost our stress of the day…we lost many years and tried every forgotten yearning of our childhood.  “let’s check the depth of this puddle now…!!” We learned how to play again.

Can you imagine what people were saying??  Here it was 9 something at night…. “why are you doing that??!”

“Because we can!” (and because our kids weren’t with us.)

Truth be told, I had to imagine that I was my 10yo son to figure out what to do with those puddles.

the_promise_zoom_777I have to say our friend from church has been such a bad influence on us.  No matter what the stress, what weirdness this world has thrown at us during the last year and a half, his laughter has made it all so much more bearable.

We thought many a day “HOW can we do THIS?”

I think that the correct answer is what we told people in the rain…

“because we CAN!”


This is COMMITTMENT, Baby!”

These beautiful pieces of art work are among my favorites by Morgan Weistling:  Walking With God and The Promise

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One of the things I really need to have as part of our family’s diet is raw foods…and fermented foods.  I am trying extra hard to put more veggies (raw and fermented) in our diets.   I know that fermented foods really help with digestion and healing the body of a multitude of woes…which is what this pregnant mommy needs.  I have 2 boys that also seem to need this kind of food.  The funny thing is, we CRAVE them.  It may take a taste or two to decide if you like it (just because it is a little different but not because it tastes bad),  but when you keep going back to the bowl for more, it can’t be all that bad.

One great book that helps you make yummy fermented foods is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.  The recipes are clear and couldn’t be easier to make.  You just have to start thinking about it ahead of when you want it.  I have gathered so many mason jars very cheaply from garage sales for this purpose and I love to have them sitting filled on the shelf ready to go into a meal.  We have gone very slowly with this.  We choose one or two recipes a week and we are starting to amass a nice collection of filled jars to chose from.  I love to add some of these to dishes that we are already planning on serving…like salads.  It gives a new name to convenience food.

My 12yo ds(young Einstein)  loves to make jars and jars of the various fermented foods recipes located in the pages of this book.  We have been enjoying the ginger carrots in many salads and it goes great by itself with fish.  I have even added some to soups as they were done cooking.    (Having the mix of raw and cooked makes a nice treat for the palette.)  Young Einstein is also in the process of making lacto-fermented pickles and ketchup.

No GMO altered foods for this family if we can help it!  (see link for a list!)  We plan on gardening and buying from local trusted sources as much as we can.   There are many articles on this subject…this one in my inbox this morning.  What are we doing?!

I found this site recently as I was clicking from blog to blog.  I was clicking so rapidly that I have no idea who to credit with this!  Anyhooo…

We tried this raw kale salad last night.  I ran out of tomatoes so I substituted small diced apples and we also added raisins.  I had no idea kale could taste good if eaten raw!  I am a convert!  We made a big batch and it is all gone!  I enjoyed watching the clip…it makes food prep more of a no brainer.

Making foods like this is easy…just do it ahead of when you need it.  When I realized how much I was trying to cram in at the end of the day between food prep, dishes, laundry and the general management and upkeep of kids  it was a relief for me to relocate food prep to the after breakfast chore.  I am glad I have something done at that point of the day  and it seems to make my whole day a little less stressful…we could all use that, couldn’t we?

Tonight we are having this sweet and sour cole slaw recipe.  I have sampled some already and I know this will be a big hit.  In place of the carrots, I substituted some of Young Einstein’s fermented ginger carrots and  think it is a wonderful addition!  I plan on serving this with some baked chicken with fresh herbs from our garden sprinkled liberally on top! yummmm!  I plan on serving left-overs as chicken salad with home made mayo, fresh herbs and thick slices of tomato tomorrow night on thick slices of this EASY camp bread (already sitting on the counter fermenting).  We will be baking this tomorrow after lunch.  The kids really love the crust on this loaf…mmm.   I spread butter liberally on top as it emerges from the oven.  It melts in your mouth, I tell ya!

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I read this funny article…and it does make you think deeper.  I mean….Why call it "devils food"?… and why could something that is so darned tempting be ..oh so bad for you??….Pass the salad please! 

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Hands-on work today:

Astronomy Science! ….featuring Mercury!
Using this as our spine…lesson 3
We read this
We used this p 64-65
and we notebooked using these Astronomy pages
We added the first few pages of this that have great Astronomy pages for our notebooks!  Adding a Solar System detective page for Mercury (p 19)

using Download clip_art_mercury.doc

(images imported to a Word document) we cut out and put in a zip-loc sandwich baggie and decorated the margins  and frames of our notebook pages
….the littlies narrated to me…bigguns just jotted their own work down.  The little ones love to narrate to me and use the clip art to illustrate what they just told me.  To them, it is the equivalent of using stickers…just a touch messier….we use a lid with a little school glue in it and a q-tip.  I keep repeating…"just a dot"…"just a dot!"

We start our day with :

Saint of the Day
Character Building Story
Baltimore Catechism Questions …later during the week we illustrate the lesson using stick figure drawings much like those found in Christoper’s Talks to Catholic Children(which worked beautifully last year) or the oop Chalk Talks that were later added to the Faith and Life Religion books…much like what our beloved Helen does!

For the 6 and 7yo…
Concentration on Math today:

  • Played with Math 1 Tackle Box(I assembled a few years ago)..played with odd and even and the teens and tens boards..just for fun!
  • Played with numbers on this abacus…(We made the home made version a few years ago and they are still holding up…everyone has their own colors with pony beads, popsicle sticks and skewers and small binder clips)

100 Ez Lessons (7 yo ds made a pic about the funny story he read at the end of the lesson…great for reading comprehension and an answer to "and what did you just read" questions.
and made a "book" from CHC’s Little Stories for Little Folks
and Spelling time

The older ones:
did copy work
read about knights and castles
and more castles
and they are making plans for a creative notebooking project using this. 
Read Aloud: The Sword of Clontarf

and worked in their Developmental Math books and played Timez Attack
(my #2dd with digital and visual digit span issues is working her way through TouchMath and listening to the Concentration and Thinking Cd’s as she does her artwork.)

Not bad for a mucky Monday.  Would like to do more, but we have to leave the rest for tomorrow.  Mondays are not my personal fav’s because we are still strung out from visiting over the weekend.  We will often have a lighter schedule on those days. 

We have company coming today and I got the living room and the dining room cleaned because I held out a plater of chocolate chip cookies before them…then told them to accomplish a certain amount of exercise and chores for each one (these cookies were made cutting back the sweetener and substituting some of it it with maple syrup  and using whole grain flour so we didn’t totally trash our diets 😉  I first offered them an organic carrot while I told them the "rules".  I "made" them do jumping jacks and told them to pick up 10 things…and then they did enough to purchase one cookie.  For the next cookie, it was more jumping jacks and 20 items…etc.  It helps to make the cookies small ;o)

So we are trying to "do school", clean the house, and cook for company coming for dinner….phew!

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Here I am hopping up and down with my kids as we work out to Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone as recommended at the 4Real Board.  I see that Kim is walking  away too!  Is anyone else joining in the fun??
I am also using Lose Your Mummy Tummy  to help me with the muscle separation from all of the kiddoes that have been under my belly button (I also have the DVD). You can repair that kind of tummy damage no longer how long it has been since you had your baby…how cool is that?!

What is so helpful to me are the videos that help me see the proper posture I need for these exercises while the toddler falls all over me.  My back is feeling so much stronger since I started this past week.  It was not especially weak, but I got tired easily when standing for longer periods of time…like doing the dishes.

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In my research for better living, I have come across some great information on Coconut Oil.  Here are some articles on the glories of using it!  I know some people that will give up everything in order to keep it in their diets.  There was one elderly gentleman in particular who told me that he has a higher quality of life since using it.  It HAS to be a good quality one though.  I love patronizing Wildernessfamilynaturals.com for the centerfuged oil.  We buy in bulk and it lasts for awhile and it has a long shelf life.  We eat it raw for maximum benefits starting at 1tsp at first and working our way up to 1tlbs for the kids per day.   We also use Palm Oil.

Pure Virgin Coconut Oil
Cocoounut Support for Health in the 21st Century
Why Coconut Oil has a bad rep
Nutritional and Health Aspects of Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil a food filled with Good Health Benefits
Quality Fat not low-fat is the secret to weight loss

Certified Organic Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil Resources


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It has been so long since I posted that I almost don’t know how…LOL!  We have been going round and round with illness here and just when I thought we were all healthy again …here comes a cold.  I pray I am immune THIS time!

I am about to embark on a brand new adventure.  My fall house cleaning projects have taken an inward turn.  I am sweeping out the inside of my family now…dusting out all that doesn’t belong so that the goodness in them can shine.  What in the world am I talking about?!  Well, my entire family is going on an anti-Candida diet and some of the dc are going to be on a special and safe regime to rid their bodies of heavy metals.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to do this…and I mean that.  My one son has been showing signs of a vaccine reaction for years and I never knew I could actually do something to help him.  That vaccine that he had at the age of 3 has been holding him prisioner for years.  It has gotten in the way of his understanding of things.  Now I know better.  This new diet is a direct answer to prayer and I feel so empowered to do good things for and with him.  I was told that his weight gain of late, and his inability to lose it goes hand in had with the Mercury that is in his system so as he loses the Candida, it will also help him with the Mercury and the protocol that we are using for that.   

Please keep us in your prayers.  I  know that I am very excited to be able to do this, but I am working on the practical side of the house, the lists of food and how to use them efficiently as well as what kinds of menus to concoct.  We will be eating a lot of raw foods as part of this diet too.  I am even going to dust off that dehydrator that is in my basement and experiment with some "raw cookie" recipes that were handed to me.  I never used the darn thing but I have always wanted to know how, especially as I moved that box from one end of the basement to the other…lol

Contrary to the popular joke, the root word of diet is not ‘die’…haha  We want to put LIVING food into our bodies so we can do greater things.  When the body is out of balance, there is more illness and more moodiness and slower response times to the call of God in the heart.  I want to let Jesus in our hearts in every way…holding nothing back.  The time we have here together is too short, the moments too few.  I want to get the most out of each shared moment.  I want to live fully and deliberately.  The thing that is inspiring me is that this is all a deliberate act of love.  It is hard.  Change is hard especially during the Holidays.  When things like this are done with love I know that we will see great things happen in just the trying of it.   I kinda hesitate to post about any of this, but if it helps even one other person out there, that would be such a blessing.

So, stay tuned to the diary of a dieting family.  We are all doing it together.  Maybe this extra baby weight will finally depart from my body..LOL…here’s hoping!

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