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Passed on to me by a dear friend Lots of wonderful homeschooling links!

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double oops!

I accidentally published a rough draft of the post about time….
then allllll of the links that I added aren’t working….
*deep sigh*
I HAVE to clean and can’t fix it now…I will try again later….anyone want to help me go through myriads of homeschool books and simplify them?? anyone?? no sell? ;o)

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I am nesting a LOT (whenever I get enough sleep) and today I am laying out the materials for teaching time for my under 9 crowd. I love to introduce telling time as something that happened with a beginning…God made it and it started then and continues today. We try to interweave various subjects together telling the passage of time as a story. We include our history, science, geography, and math studies in the mix…in other words it is holistic and fun.

This is what I have so far:


Montessori Matters History Manual

I love the fact that it covers time from a Catholic perspective making a timeline with cards in red for the Old Testament and green for the new testament

COGS manual for 6-9 that includes the books of the bible presentation. I have yet to finish these but I have all of the books cut out of wood ready to be finished. I am trying to get dh to make the case for them and then I have to put the finishing touches on a Word document I have that explains the bible in a fancy yet readable font. The charts need to be finished as well…I love this material and plan on making it a permanent fixture in my living room by mounting a bracket on the back of the case so that it can be hung on the wall. THIS should make an interesting discussion and evangelization topic…LOL

RC History and Story of the World I (we will be covering this during January and beyond after the baby is comfortably settled in his routine. Before this, we will be reading a lot but not engaging in many activities until my strength returns.

I plan on making a model of the Temple

An ark of the covenant

a relief map of Jerusalem

a puzzle of Israel (made from cardboard or wood depending on who I can get to make it for me)

Our home made land and water globe is on display featuring a small star where Jesus was born…this sits next to our homemade continents globe, and sandpaper globe and a regular world globe in our geography center. (these are small globes from Target’s $1 bin that I repainted with acryllic paints last year and have attractively displayed on a decorative shelf above the geography are…they look so nice all lined up) I plan on hanging the relief map on the wall above this (made from model magic as it is light and I will attach it to the cardboard insert in a picture frame. With the glass of the frame removed it should hang nicely on the wall…I KNEW that garage sale fame would come in handy someday…oooh…maybe i will decoupage the outside…a theme of grapes and wheat perhaps…..mmm…ok so I am getting carried away…

In the History reading basket:

books that give an appreciation of the passage of time:

Usborne Time Traveler Book

What Were Castles For?

Who Built the Pyramids

Who Were the First North Americans?

Who Were the Romans?

Who Were the Vikings?

Living Long Ago

and the DK books A street through….(below)

Bible history…

We continue to keep a bible book with illustrations of bible stories from the Old Testament into the New Testament. The focus of this year is Salvation History (for the younger ones)We are reading The Life of Our Lord for Children by Marigold Hunt and making time line cards out of green and red index cards for some of the major events and character covered in this book…for example there is a card for each: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob…the divided kingdom etc and on the back of the card we put a brief group narration of what we read and even a few things that might help us remember the event…we then can play a game of putting the cards in order or placing it along a long timeline strip that I made out of the cut-off end of a roller shade ( I have 2 of these..one rolls from the birth of Christ back and one from the birth of Christ forward…it is kept in an organizer with these timeline cards and other props that we add to it as the year progresses)


Story of Painting

From the first cave paintings to modern masterpieces, this book follows the story of painting from the dawn of time right up to the present day.

Art in Story

“Saccardi shows how to make art history fun for children. Her enthusiastic hands-on guide, based on her 13 years of experience, includes storytelling about artists’ lives and times, talking with the children about the art, drama and writing activities, and preparation for museum visits. Her examples range from cave paintings, illuminated manuscripts, and Renaissance art” yep this book is fun…a book to keep on the shelf and peruse for each time period you enter….

there are other art expression books we will be using…I will get to them later…


Considering God’s Creation

this Science program’s workbook pages are great additions to our notebooks. It covers creation and moves through different science topics


Right Start

Number Stories of Long ago (freebie for today) or here

various living math books (list to come)


First of all, we HAVE to have Usborne books on the subject…they are a love here. Since they are very visual they get rave reviews from the younger folks

Usborne’s Book of time Telling the Time

with matching Flash cards

..they love the Farmyard Tales characters…

The Flash cards are VERY sturdy and on one side they can write in the time with a wipe-off marker. It made a nice gift combination for one of the kiddoes last year.

A  teaching watch that has the 2 different colored hands that were labeled. I think it was purchased at Walmart.  I also have the little geared clock that Right Start Math carries….

I have a Golf Tee clock (scroll down) that I *think was available from Suzanne’s yahoo group. I have the 3 part cards to go with this also.

I have also used the presentations in Right Start Math...there are color-coded cards that go with this.
I haven’t done this one in a little while, but I can pull out my book and tell you about it if you wish…just ask [;)]

I even cover Roman Numerals (I use 3 part cards stored in a tackle box and this is covered in Right Start as well…) during this time.

It helps to have several different kinds of clocks around the house…

there is an old DK book about Time that the kids really like too…it does show the different kinds of clocks as well as the passage of time. I like the oversized clock that is in the back. [URL=My First Book of Time]My first book of time[/URL]

I love to marry this work into discussions about the passage of time and like using books like
A City Through Time
A Port Through Time
A Farm Through Time
A Street Through Time

I basically have several things on the shelf and we pull them out when the spirit hits us. We “play” with our work… sorry if that is more than you wanted to know…i am an overachiever at the moment planning out the year…can you tell? [LOL]

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