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I and several of my dc are very visual learners. I hit up the thrift store recently and found a collection of small photo books (the kind that looks like a bunch of page protectors in a stiff cover) (Move over Pottery Barn Kids…learning spaces I covet on a regular basis [:$] )

photo album book had the idea of placing timeline cards in these books and having the kids narrate everything they can remember about the person and approximate time period. The beauty of this is that I don’t have to commit any one image to any one child. We can view them in the books or pull them out for a moveable timeline or play games with them…etc…

I have been known to use timeline cards on a moveable timeline….
but, this is different…fresh…new….aaand there is chocolate involved as a bribe learning incentive!
I use the cards from Our Father’s House’s program The ABC’s of Christian Culture and RC History cards.
The heck with using these hand-held books for family albums! I can make a “Jesus’ family album” for Salvation History studies…..etc… and then! I thought about having my middle aged children write the text to put in these books on the opposing page….hmmm…. I am still fleshing this out a bit. These books are right with my history center on my history learning shelf.

I have so many ideas lately that my head hurts. (Although I really think the ache is from my pulled muscle under my shoulder blade from scrubbing that one wall in the kitchen….)

I am decluttering for school. Whenever this happens, I get a better sense of what I have and what I can do with what I already got. And right now I already got too many ideas and too little of me to go around.

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Hands-on work today:

Astronomy Science! ….featuring Mercury!
Using this as our spine…lesson 3
We read this
We used this p 64-65
and we notebooked using these Astronomy pages
We added the first few pages of this that have great Astronomy pages for our notebooks!  Adding a Solar System detective page for Mercury (p 19)

using Download clip_art_mercury.doc

(images imported to a Word document) we cut out and put in a zip-loc sandwich baggie and decorated the margins  and frames of our notebook pages
….the littlies narrated to me…bigguns just jotted their own work down.  The little ones love to narrate to me and use the clip art to illustrate what they just told me.  To them, it is the equivalent of using stickers…just a touch messier….we use a lid with a little school glue in it and a q-tip.  I keep repeating…"just a dot"…"just a dot!"

We start our day with :

Saint of the Day
Character Building Story
Baltimore Catechism Questions …later during the week we illustrate the lesson using stick figure drawings much like those found in Christoper’s Talks to Catholic Children(which worked beautifully last year) or the oop Chalk Talks that were later added to the Faith and Life Religion books…much like what our beloved Helen does!

For the 6 and 7yo…
Concentration on Math today:

  • Played with Math 1 Tackle Box(I assembled a few years ago)..played with odd and even and the teens and tens boards..just for fun!
  • Played with numbers on this abacus…(We made the home made version a few years ago and they are still holding up…everyone has their own colors with pony beads, popsicle sticks and skewers and small binder clips)

100 Ez Lessons (7 yo ds made a pic about the funny story he read at the end of the lesson…great for reading comprehension and an answer to "and what did you just read" questions.
and made a "book" from CHC’s Little Stories for Little Folks
and Spelling time

The older ones:
did copy work
read about knights and castles
and more castles
and they are making plans for a creative notebooking project using this. 
Read Aloud: The Sword of Clontarf

and worked in their Developmental Math books and played Timez Attack
(my #2dd with digital and visual digit span issues is working her way through TouchMath and listening to the Concentration and Thinking Cd’s as she does her artwork.)

Not bad for a mucky Monday.  Would like to do more, but we have to leave the rest for tomorrow.  Mondays are not my personal fav’s because we are still strung out from visiting over the weekend.  We will often have a lighter schedule on those days. 

We have company coming today and I got the living room and the dining room cleaned because I held out a plater of chocolate chip cookies before them…then told them to accomplish a certain amount of exercise and chores for each one (these cookies were made cutting back the sweetener and substituting some of it it with maple syrup  and using whole grain flour so we didn’t totally trash our diets 😉  I first offered them an organic carrot while I told them the "rules".  I "made" them do jumping jacks and told them to pick up 10 things…and then they did enough to purchase one cookie.  For the next cookie, it was more jumping jacks and 20 items…etc.  It helps to make the cookies small ;o)

So we are trying to "do school", clean the house, and cook for company coming for dinner….phew!

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If you are going to be visiting
Ancient Rome, you need to dress the part!!


Ck this out at Tobin’s Lab!

Bible_dress_upIt is a great match to this great Bible Dress Up

Why not start the tradition of the dress-up trunk ~as we have!  My dramatic kids love to ham up bible stories and their own unique versions of Shakespeare for Mom and Dad’s viewing pleasure! 

Their  rendition of "The Continuing Tales of David" was my particular favorite as David persued a mighty  lion …over my sofa?! …aaand after they wrestled with arms and legs popping up and out here and there along the sofa’s entire length, ….David emerged from the back of the couch VICTORIOUS wearing a lion-skinned coat!!  ROFL!!

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We have been traveling through Ancient Rome lately following RC History Volume II  using their book list and the Reading Your Way Through Ancient History list and our reading has taken us to some great discoveries that we wanted to share with you….of course we are adding to our Notebook of the Centuries and  embellishing our History Notebooks with Maps, poems, prayers, rhymes, and clip art from Mr Google!!

oooh!  We read a great book (out loud) over the last 3 days.  I have no voice left…I am sorry it had to end!  City of The Golden House is a reprint available from Hillside Education.  Read more here!

A slave and a cripple,
A saint and a Roman officer,
An Emperor and a conspirator . . .
A city on fire!

This story meshes so well with out Ancient Roman Studies lately.  We have many Roman books in the basket and we are devouring them.  I am so glad we could add this book to our list.  They have a very inexpensive study guide available that helps to flesh out the story.  We used it loosely with everyone and it really made the kids ponder even more deeply the richness  that this story had to share with us.  The kiddoes drew a picture for every chapter we read (15 chapters=15 pictures) then used those pictures to relate the story back to me and explain the story (and what they thought of it, what it meant to them etc ) to their dad.   Some of their renditions were very unique!  …Not to mention the fact that it makes a great re-telling tool for the notebooks they whip out when grandma comes to visit!

First_christiansSpeaking of meshing stories together….this one goes with the other two too! …The First Christians by Marigold Hunt!  We were reading this story alongside the Acts of The Apostles and plotting Paul’s course on a map!

Some others coming up next:
We Knew Paul
The Man Who Never Died

Fr Lovasik St. Peter and Paul

But of course if you are going to make a trip to Ancient Rome, you better bring along your Tour Guide… Rome is a big place!  Just use the Visitor’s Guide to the Ancient World and be prepared to learn by osmosis!  This book is a riot!  Not only can you ck out all the local customs of do’s and don’ts, you can also ck your map if you are ever to lose your way…after all …who needs to get hopelessly lost in history?  With this guidebook, you will learn about what to wear, what to eat and how to eat it, entertainment, what to watch and what you might not want to…currency, handy words and phrases, pronunciation tips and more!  This book is even Internet linked so you can go on a few trips and take in the sights without leaving the comfort of your computer chair! ..oh yes!  it covers Ancient Egypt and Greece too!

Be prepared by reading ahead of the kids by reading Famous Men of Rome online (via the Baldwin project) or in print. (…ok ok…I know you don’t NEED to do this…but!  It is a good excuse to read about some pretty interesting people.)  We have both,  but keep a handy tab at the top of our Firefox screen for easy clicking in between daily happenings.  What a great place to read OOP (out of print) works!  These characters make handy narrations in the notebook and their handsome countenance clip art images I copy to a Word document.  I type while the kids narrate to me about their lives and we frame the images in whatever color or style the individual child prefers.  The older ones have the option of keyboarding it on their own, but there is something about narrating TO someone that makes them much more creative…after all…who doesn’t like to pretend to be that important that they have their own personal secretary!!  The child also picks the font type, size and color.  These narrations look so professional!

If you are interested in joining the army, you might want to take a gander at the Roman Soldier’s Handbook (Everything a beginner soldier needs to know) before you put your X on the dotted line.  You will learn how they wield their swords to how they impersonate tortoises… Learn everything you ever wanted to know about Army life …from life as a raw recruit to how to process in victory and everything in between!  Know what you are getting into before you become a Legionary in the most professional army in the western world!

ooh there is more!  But that is what we have been up to lately!   Later I will share what the younger set (3, 6, 7 yo) are doing with all this information!

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(The Dream Keepers by Kathryn Fincher)

God Bless America! ~(Information about America’s unofficial national anthem)

While the storm clouds gather far across the sea,

Let us swear allegiance to a land that’s free,

Let us all be grateful for a land so fair,

As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer:

God Bless America.

Land that I love

Stand beside her, and guide her

Thru the night with a light from above.

From the mountains, to the prairies ,

To the oceans, white with foam

God bless America

My home sweet home.

God Bless America,

Land that I love

Stand beside her,

And guide her,

Through the night
With the light from above,

From the mountains,

To the prairies,

To the ocean,

White with foam,

God bless America,

My home sweet home.

God bless America,

My home sweet home.
~Irving Berlin

Godblessamericaposterby_g_harvveyWhat we are up to this week…Discovering more about America and July 4th!

Print out this page and listen to :
The Pledge of Allegiance as recited by Red Skelton….don’t miss this one!!

Happy Birthday America!!

The Declaration of Independence, a rough draft of the declaration, The Declaration (picture) 

America’s Freedom Documents
Information about the Constitution for Kids, and for older kids
Flags in History (use this info to make 3 Part cards!)
Parts of a Flag, More Flag Printouts

Flag Border Paper  (Have the kids write out the pledge for their notebooks!)

U.S journal pages, 4th of July Activity Book, Great Seal of the U S, July 4th Activities and Crafts

FlagcakeWhat we are EATING: Flag Cake!

What we are watching!  1776

What we are reading!:

Jean Fritz Books:
SSSH We’re Writing the Constitution
And Then What Happened, Paul Revere?

Can’t You Make Them Behave, King George?

Will You Sign Here, John Hancock?
Why Don’t You Get a Horse, Sam Adams?

Fireworks, Picnics, and Flags: The Story of the Fourth of July Symbols

The American Flag (True Books, American Symbols)
A is for America(True Books, American Symbols)
America : A Patriotic Primer
Pledge Of Allegiance

The Children’s Book of America

American Patriotic Songs Picture Books:
This Land is your Land
My Country Tis of Thee
Purple Mountain Majesties
America The Beautiful

Artist Study:
God_shed_his_grace_on_thee_terry_redlinrTerry Redlin
(The America the Beautiful Series)
(Dh and I looove this artist!!)

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