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Since so many of you Real Learning people have been sharing your great craft ideas for a Mary Altar…we came up with our own Mary craft for today!

In honor of Our Lady and the tulips, we created our very own tulip stained glass!

Here is how we did it!
First you need an image…like these:
simple tulip image
tulip image for older kids 
another tulip image

print out on shrink plastic  like that seen here:
shrink plastic 

color with bright colors and bake in a well ventilated room according to directions!  and voila!  you have a beautiful stained glass image of a tulip to honor Our Lady and place in your window!  If you want to hang it, make a small hole in the plastic before baking and put it on a beautiful ribbon!

(as a little aside…this shrink plastic has so many wonderful uses…like using it for a Jesse tree in Advent!  I can share more!  I have loads of ideas!!

We are keeping a special Marian notebooking project that we are adding to during this whole Marian month and continuing on until August 15th.  We are tying our whole project into our Mary garden.  On August 15th we have a custom in our parish of bringing flowers to church to be blessed which we then place in our homes.  These flowers will be placed around our indoor Mary altar!

The notebook project we are working on is one that I will write more about in future days.  One thing that we are doing for the tulip is utilizing special scrapbooking paper cut into a basic tulip shape and putting our tulip copywork on that paper using the prayer/poem from our other post today.  We will mount it into our Mary notebook/lapbook on some pretty paper and we will embellish it with tulip stickers and cut outs of tulip flowers from seed catalogs and gardening magazines (ask your library for discards!) as well as images from the net!

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There are so many beautiful flowers are blooming outside my home!! But I, not satisfied with just looking, decided to look a few things up…  It seems that the tulip is symbolic of Our Lady…"like an empty chalice that turns it’s face upwards to be fulled with the Grace of God"….how beautiful!!

"Mary’s Flowers" (1894) – the English translations of Father Louis
Gemminger’s 31 addresses on Our Lady’s Flowers, one for each day of
May, 1858, in Germany, and indeed find that that his address of May
7th was on the tulip.

"The Tulip.

"The bright-colored Tulip holds itself erect upon a straight firm
stem surrounded by somewhat oblong leaves. Its calix closes at
night but reopens, as soon as the sun rises. The only thing which
this flower lacks is perfume. Although it does not delight the
sense of smell, yet it rejoices the eye by its beautiful,
variegated dress. In a spiritual sense, the tulip may be compared
to prayer, and is therefore, taken as an emblem of this virtue.

THE TULIP REOPENS WHEN THE SUN RISES, whereas it is closed during
the night. Thus, the soul, which loves prayer, opens herself only
to God and heavenly things; esteems only these; perceives only
these; and, with great care, shuts herself up to the night of sin,
and to the world, which would deter her from prayer, or make it
distasteful to her by distractions.

tells us that prayer, although essentially one, has nevertheless
various methods.

. . .

"0 heavenly Tulip, – my most beloved Mother Mary!

In your heart
burned the love of prayer, and you practiced this virtue to an
exalted degree in every circumstance of your life! Obtain for us
also the grace, that we may every day comprehend more and more the
majesty of prayer, since there can be no greater honor for man than
to speak to his God.

Teach us yourself, 0 Blessed Virgin, bow to
pray, Tulip

"The Tulip’s crown, raised high in air,
Reminds us of the voice of prayer;
The humble prayer from earth ascends,
And God, assistance kindly lends.


Blessed Mary knew this holy art,
And from her sinless Virgin heart
The prayer of faith, of hope, of love,
Ascended to the Throne above

Through life, prayer was her loving task;
At Cana’s feast we hear her ask,
And tho’ it was before His time,
Her Son changed water into wine.


While now from Heaven she sees our needs,
E’er with that Son for us she pleads,
And prays that we from God ne’er roam,
That so we reach our destined home.

In all our trials may we find
Assistance in this Mother kind;
And when on earth our lives shall close,
May we in Heaven find sweet repose."

(taken from mgardens.org)

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A Garden that Prays

Oooh!  SPRING is in the air!  The windows are open…a special joy is abound and the month isGardenglorygn May…Mary’s month! The air is so very perfumed and it does my heart a world of good!!  All the fragrant blooms are symbols of life!  How good it all is!!  How right it is to re-dedicate this life back to it’s creator through Mary the ultimate garden of virtue! 

("Garden Glory"

by Cheryll Arnold)

I have every hope to plant a Mary Garden this year.  In many ways, even the reading and meditation of some of the beautiful flowers dedicated to Our Lady is as delicious as smelling and seeing their sweet blooms!  I want my garden to pray!

I came across this prayer today:

A Mary Garden Prayer

" Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

As our hearts are raised to you in love and thanksgiving through the
light, grace, fragrance and symbolism of these pure, blest,
transfigured flowers of Our Lady  –  your direct creations, showing
forth and sharing with us your divine goodness, beauty and truth  –
we commune with you in awe and rapture and pray that we and all our
brothers and sisters may be opened to the fullness of the divine
love of God and Neighbor, through which we are to transform the
fallen world into the culminating earthly Peaceable Kingdom and
Paradise, that all may be lifted up resplendent in the eternal New
Heaven and New Earth of our Crucified and Risen Lord and Savior,
Jesus Christ.

(see /www.mgardens.org)


Prayer Plant ~ The folding together of the leaves of this plant in
"prayer" each night reminds us that the plants of the Mary Garden
are themselves a prayer.

As Rev. James J. Galvin, C.SS.R. writes
in "My Garden Prays," Perpetual Help, February 1952:


"Gardens should pray! Gardens should remind children of their Mother. Gardens should be holy places that keep minds fresh and unsullied as Madonna lilies.  Gardens should chime with names that ring like the Litany of Loreto.  And gardens, if they are truly Mary Gardens, will naturally lead to Christ."


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Rose and Lily      

"Early legends tell that when Mary’s tomb was opened, it was empty. Mary was no longer there, but she left behind a harvest of roses and lilies. Roses and lilies became Mary’s flowers. The two flowers highlight Mary’s relation to God.  She is open and receptive to the word of God; she is pure and transparent to his presence (lily). But she is also fiercely loving and passionate in her attachment to God (rose). The lily was associated with the Annunciation, the Feast of Mary’s receptiveness, and lilies are often depicted in scenes of Gabriel’s visit to Mary. She is also the rose in which the divine word became flesh (Dante), enclosing heaven and earth in her loving womb. The rose symbolism has many facets and many legends. Roses sprang up as gifts for the Infant in the manger, and they blossomed where the Holy Family rested on the flight to Egypt. Considered the most perfect of flowers, the rose becomes the symbol of the Queen of Heaven. Mary is the mystical rose because of her ardent love of God. Mary is depicted sitting in a rose garden to signify that she is enclosed by the love of God. White roses symbolize Mary’s joys, red and yellow ones her sorrows and glories."

I love the symbolism of flowers dedicated to Our Lady!  I came across this site today.  We are  hoping to plant our own Mary Garden this spring.  There are so many wonderful flowers and herbs to choose from!  What a wonderful way to begin a month dedicated to Our Lady!

"The cloistered, enclosed garden, sometimes called a Paradise Garden, came to represent the purity of the Virgin Mary. We can honor Mary by planting her flowers in a garden dedicated to her. Gardens dedicated to Mary and containing flowers named after her are called Mary Gardens."

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