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….for almost 2! years I have been walking.  Not just a little stroll in the park, mind you.  I have been WALKING in the rain, in the snow, in the cold wind, after a good day, after days that hit so hard that I could barely breathe, while I was pregnant, and while I was greeen with morning sickness, and with muscle aches and pains, and when I was in LABOR! I have been walking for 1.5 years…every night…5 miles a night after the kiddoes are in bed and with a sitter.

The police around town know us…

The people that I see in the supermarket point and say “hey!  its them! and boy is that baby getting big!”

Do I know these people?  Nope.

But I have prayed for them.  Round and round our town past their houses and cars …with a friend from Church and my dh.   We have been walking, and talking and praying and trying to make sense of our world, our vocations, our gifts, our unique calls, and whenever possible…to laugh…out loud! ….for a loooong time….YES! Even in LABOR! (although I am sure it made our friend a little uneasy as I thought the laughter would just evict that little man 2 miles in the middle of no where..and me gasping for breath as my stomach shook up and down and my eyes rained tears for the unexpected joy of friendship!   I tell you, that boy should have been named Issaic!

Today we tested our commitment a bit…

We followed the Letter Carrier’s creed.  We put that to the test.

Neither rain nor gloom of night kept us from our appointed rounds. AKA: “THE Walk”

The rain (I should clarify that, the word DELUGE comes close) was unabaiting, coming sideways…the wind pushed us off course (ok, so there was no wind)

walking-with-GodThe first thought I had was rather girly of me….“Oh no, my hair!” and “Thank God I didn’t wear a white shirt!” But, once I was in that shower for about 5 minutes and nary a bar of soap in sight,  I started wondering how hard God was laughing….pride be dammed, I decided.  I was going to ‘test the waters a bit’.  We walked on…we took that walk God was leading us on.  We didn’t want to stop.  We wanted to stay strong and finish strong.

…no hat, no raingear, no umbrella to block the view(not that I could keep my eyes open too much).  The puddles turned into rivers (and some nice swimming holes).  Something funny began to happen as the icy rivulets seeped through our soggy clothing and down our necks.  We lost our stress of the day…we lost many years and tried every forgotten yearning of our childhood.  “let’s check the depth of this puddle now…!!” We learned how to play again.

Can you imagine what people were saying??  Here it was 9 something at night…. “why are you doing that??!”

“Because we can!” (and because our kids weren’t with us.)

Truth be told, I had to imagine that I was my 10yo son to figure out what to do with those puddles.

the_promise_zoom_777I have to say our friend from church has been such a bad influence on us.  No matter what the stress, what weirdness this world has thrown at us during the last year and a half, his laughter has made it all so much more bearable.

We thought many a day “HOW can we do THIS?”

I think that the correct answer is what we told people in the rain…

“because we CAN!”


This is COMMITTMENT, Baby!”

These beautiful pieces of art work are among my favorites by Morgan Weistling:  Walking With God and The Promise

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