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I had a rough night with some mild PMI (insomnia) and a teething 9mo and just when I would go to sleep, he would think it was a great opportunity to get up. If I got 3 hrs total that would be a generous estimate…

I was supposed to lose my 2 bestest helpers to my mom first thing this morning as they wanted to help her re-organize her school stuff(she is a teacher) I begged one of them to stay so I could get some shut-eye.

I was finally able to hand him off to someone and then I heard a ..bang! A huge branch fell in front of our house into the road and did NOT hit any cars!! (rush hour) …the road was loaded with them..how did that happen?? The branch ripped all of the electric and phone lines out of the house though.

About a half hour later my 4yo accidentally scratched the cornea of my 13yo ds. and he wasn’t a very happy camper…it was a beauty!

After several hours I finally got my twin that was out of the house back (thanking God that one of them stayed home with me) I was able to borrow my mom’s cell phone and call the eye dr…could I come now?? sure. no shower, no sleep…sure I can drive.

When I got back the power came on but the phone was off. I ran out before they left and asked them when the phone company was coming. “Well lady, we are the power company. We don’t really communicate with anyone…”

I managed a cat nap and now I am out to the garden store to pick up plants for our church garden which I was supposed to plant (last month!) but due to rain and lack of funds due to some re-structuring at the parish, I just got the money…oh! and my name is on the “the person in charge of the garden is” list. (I don’t know how THAT happened…) “They” (the people who don’t help but are great at gossip) think ‘I’ am a slacker! LOL!!

So, my 13yo is sleeping and the kids are full of dirt and I am going to just transplant them to the garden down the street…dirt is dirt. and I am dirt tired!

How was your day?

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