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One of the things I really need to have as part of our family’s diet is raw foods…and fermented foods.  I am trying extra hard to put more veggies (raw and fermented) in our diets.   I know that fermented foods really help with digestion and healing the body of a multitude of woes…which is what this pregnant mommy needs.  I have 2 boys that also seem to need this kind of food.  The funny thing is, we CRAVE them.  It may take a taste or two to decide if you like it (just because it is a little different but not because it tastes bad),  but when you keep going back to the bowl for more, it can’t be all that bad.

One great book that helps you make yummy fermented foods is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.  The recipes are clear and couldn’t be easier to make.  You just have to start thinking about it ahead of when you want it.  I have gathered so many mason jars very cheaply from garage sales for this purpose and I love to have them sitting filled on the shelf ready to go into a meal.  We have gone very slowly with this.  We choose one or two recipes a week and we are starting to amass a nice collection of filled jars to chose from.  I love to add some of these to dishes that we are already planning on serving…like salads.  It gives a new name to convenience food.

My 12yo ds(young Einstein)  loves to make jars and jars of the various fermented foods recipes located in the pages of this book.  We have been enjoying the ginger carrots in many salads and it goes great by itself with fish.  I have even added some to soups as they were done cooking.    (Having the mix of raw and cooked makes a nice treat for the palette.)  Young Einstein is also in the process of making lacto-fermented pickles and ketchup.

No GMO altered foods for this family if we can help it!  (see link for a list!)  We plan on gardening and buying from local trusted sources as much as we can.   There are many articles on this subject…this one in my inbox this morning.  What are we doing?!

I found this site recently as I was clicking from blog to blog.  I was clicking so rapidly that I have no idea who to credit with this!  Anyhooo…

We tried this raw kale salad last night.  I ran out of tomatoes so I substituted small diced apples and we also added raisins.  I had no idea kale could taste good if eaten raw!  I am a convert!  We made a big batch and it is all gone!  I enjoyed watching the clip…it makes food prep more of a no brainer.

Making foods like this is easy…just do it ahead of when you need it.  When I realized how much I was trying to cram in at the end of the day between food prep, dishes, laundry and the general management and upkeep of kids  it was a relief for me to relocate food prep to the after breakfast chore.  I am glad I have something done at that point of the day  and it seems to make my whole day a little less stressful…we could all use that, couldn’t we?

Tonight we are having this sweet and sour cole slaw recipe.  I have sampled some already and I know this will be a big hit.  In place of the carrots, I substituted some of Young Einstein’s fermented ginger carrots and  think it is a wonderful addition!  I plan on serving this with some baked chicken with fresh herbs from our garden sprinkled liberally on top! yummmm!  I plan on serving left-overs as chicken salad with home made mayo, fresh herbs and thick slices of tomato tomorrow night on thick slices of this EASY camp bread (already sitting on the counter fermenting).  We will be baking this tomorrow after lunch.  The kids really love the crust on this loaf…mmm.   I spread butter liberally on top as it emerges from the oven.  It melts in your mouth, I tell ya!

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