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If you have a border around a the base of a chalkboard or  an area that is accessable to the little ones under a long window  or the edge of a loooong bookcase try this for your pre-schooler…   (you can even go down the hall or staircase with this!)

We have a puzzle  similar to this one : Train Puzzle
(It is a favorite around here.)

I placed hook and loop tape along a bookcase and attached the sticky end to the back of the puzzle pieces.  Now my children can make the train cars attach to each other without anyone stepping all over their work.  And it looks great too!

works for us ;o)

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I think I am back…

Thank you so very much for all of your prayers and well wishes!


I have to say that I am feeling much better but I still am not 100% yet!

keep praying!!

Your prayers are working and so very much cherished!

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