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well…lets see…

I am trying to shed the last of this first trimester nausea….I have come up for air and I have found that my house needs a fire hose and a snow shovel to  make it look better.

…and no volunteers in sight!   wonder why….hmmm…

We were just survival-schooling for awhile.   Meaning…taking it slow and hitting the basics and trying hard not to think of the of all of the wonderful experiences that we were missing as the Liturgical year was unfolding.  That is hard to do when you fall in love with ideas and they remain ideals and don’t fit into the real living moment…

I have kept up my exercising regime.  We have been walking and hiking at some of the local parks.  I did find that one of the parks has this wonderful work-out trail that I would not want to handle again in quite the same way…

What I thought would be a short romp through the woods turned out to be a long steep hike…uphill… to the top of a ridge on a not-so-well-maintained trail that had us reaching the top as the sun was going down behind the next ridge….oooh my!  It is a good thing my ds(12) gave me the “Gandalf” staff he had found on the way.  I needed it to keep me from falling off of this little mountain as I struggled to keep up with my dh, 3year old (!) and the other kids.  We made it down to the bottom just as it became impossible to see anymore…and all of that walk took every bit of 2 hours!

You try hiking when  you feel really nauseated.  It is an experience that brings to mind my  dh’s  words…

“Whatever doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger”

note to self: (IF anyone tries to tell me that my 3yo dd is not old enough to hike, I just let them try to follow her next time ;o)

I went to this wonderful healing Mass at our local church.  Fr. Larry Hess (of the yellow prayer card) had this wonderful Mass, talk, and then they prayed over people.  It was definitely not an evangelical-type healing service that you see on TV…it was beautiful and respectful and very peaceful.  If you recall, I had a very hard time the last 3 times I have been pregnant and I have been staving off the awful symptoms by resting quite a lot, diet and lots of fresh air and exercise.  As co-incidence would have it, I ended up sitting right next to a stained glass window of the Good Shepherd which is the Psalm I have been praying whenever I would have any night-wakefulness.  It has never failed to bring me some kind of comfort.  Gazing at that stained glass image, I really had a chance to meditate on it and think of God’s loving care of His suffering lambs as Fr. Larry gave his wonderful talk on suffering.

As i was waiting on line to have them pray over me, the lovely people that were singing began a song based on the 23rd Psalm …”The Lord is my Shepherd…”  Sure that was a co-incidence…right?  No!  It was a God-incidence…the whole day was.  I think I walked away with a deeper sense of God’s presence and also knowing that no matter what He asks of me this time in this pregnancy, I feel very assured that He is holding me through the whole struggle.


So that is it in a big nutshell….

and I am really yearning to make new Montessori things for the kids to learn from.   I really want to jazz up the Geography and Grammar areas especially…maybe I will share later ;o)

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Dd (7yo) was doing some independent reading and when she finished the book, she sighed, closed the book and asked:

“Do you think Noah had a place for the fishes too?”

Me: “Noah?”

Yes, you know, like Noah and the ARK?

oldest twin dd(14:  “I think the big place that he prepared on the outside of the Ark was big enough to hold them..” ;o)

While on a nature walk along a local river…

Mom: “Ok, Kids. Don’t push each other because you will fall into the water…and don’t come any farther this way…it is all MARSHland…realllly muddy…”

Sunshine boy (5): “But Mom? Wait!! Where?! I want to see!! I don’t see any of the Marshmallows! Show ME!!”

Before the supervan moves to transport our clan anywhere I call roll….By the time I get to Sunshine Boy (5), instead of yelling “present!” like the others, he yells…: “I am a PRESENT!!”

…yes you are, dear boy! :o)

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