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Often heard at the learning table:

Remember kids…pause at the commas and stop at the periods…

or you can watch these men TRY to do it…

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Preparing for the sacraments is such a special time for our family. We have been helping our dear daughter prepare for her First Holy Communion for months. The big day was yesterday and was hectic, but over in a flash. Like all perfect family moments this event was no exception to the tearful joy I felt being there and witnessing our beautiful little girl receive Jesus for the very first time.

Real life is often full of misadventures. I can say that from years of experience. I think I am an expert at it at this point. It doesn’t make the moment any less perfect though!

We were just barely there for the beginning of Mass…kind of like we sprinted in from the parking lot and walked as composed as possible down the isle…LOL

I almost forgot to take the chicken out of the oven before we left…LOL…when I opened the oven I was covered in this lovely Hawaiian chicken smell and lots of steam…and I needed to COOL off not get hotter. It is a good thing I heard one of the twins scream “chicken!” as we were bolting from the door…it was definitely too much chicken to ruin…LOL!

Our daughter was just beautiful. She wore a dress I made with my mother-in-law for one of the twins. On Saturday I realized the veils that I THOUGHT were ok were damaged and I had to look around franticly at the last minute only to find a damaged one in a store that had it marked down to 15 bucks instead of 80?! It just needed the veil to be re-attached..something I can do!

She looooved the BE-AU-TI-FUL rosary I requested Jennifer to make for her…(Thanks so much, Jennifer!!)

…and we gave her a wrist corsage with white roses and a light blue bow to honor the Blessed Mother. …aaanand there is someone in NJ who thinks I am a complete nut. I had to pick up said corsage and it was getting late. I quickly dialed what I THOUGHT was my sister-in-law’s cell phone. When I heard the hello on the other end, I THOUGHT it was my brother and I THOUGHT he was doing his usual crack about you have the wrong number. You see, they had to pass the florist on the way to the church and I wanted to know if they had enough time to stop. It was like this…

out of breath…”Hi it’s me..are you still home”

“Of course we are still at home!’

I said “well, it is getting late…are you going to the church at all, are you going to make it?”

He said” oh you have the wrong number”

I said, “very funny Joe, are you going to make it on time or not?”

He said ” you have the wrong number”

I said, “Joe! Cut it out! I am getting nervous!”

He said “really lady, you got the wrong number”

THEN and only THEN did I turn all kinds of red and realize my mistake. Later I told my brother to quit teasing me so much and told him the story. He said “I couldn’t have done it better myself!” sigh!

I was a bit upset before we went because I had no time to get a disposable camera and our regular camera is broken. God fixed that though. I didn’t tell anyone about this concern, but a complete stranger took pictures for us. She was there visiting with a friend and thought that this lovely family should have pictures of this beautiful moment and decided to help us. Her friend nudged her and told her that Fr. David doesn’t like pictures to be taken in church. She said…”oh well, what do you think will happen to me seeing that I am just a visitor…” What a character!

Our sweet girl with her big blue eyes, dressed in her special FHC raiment received Our Lord in a church still FULL of many many Easter flowers on Mercy Sunday and the Holy Mass itself ended with Adoration. THIS is the kind of beauty that you cannot explain…it is the kind of beauty you treasure in your heart.

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