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Many years ago, I prayed for my dh to find a good Catholic friend.  I wanted him to meet someone that could help him along in his faith…someone who understood where he was coming from…someone who would understand the sense of priority he has in his life due to his calling as a Catholic husband and father.

Little did I know then that God would use what we had on hand already.  God recycles ;o)

My dh had a best friend named Dan since he was 5yo in kindergarten.  They grew up around the block from each other.  He was a Brethren (similar to Lutheran) but he respected the Catholic Church and Jeff’s faith.  I often teased him that he was more Catholic than many people I knew.

Years later, this best friend of my husbands began to court my sister.  It was fun to watch them fall in love and a privilege to be in their wedding.   Now my children who always called him “Uncle Dan” could now do it officially.

Danny agreed that he would support my sister in her faith but had no intentions to convert…until…his little 2 year old daughter asked him a question that changed his life.  They were attending a Mass together and it was time for Communion.  She looked at her father and asked “Aren’t you going to receive Jesus too, Daddy?”  He knew then and there that God was calling him through his daughter’s voice.  He said it was similar to the story he had heard about St. Faustina when Jesus was calling her to be a nun.  He knew that God wanted to know how long He was supposed to wait for him.  Dan was floored.

He began to attend RCIA with many many questions.  After a long time waiting, discerning and a few funny stories later, God doesn’t have to wait much longer.  Now, after a year and a half he is entering the Church at the Easter Vigil Mass.  And on top of that, he is entertaining a vocation to the Deaconate.

Just try and tell me that this is not a direct answer to my many many prayers starting years ago for my husband.   He is my dh’s best friend and brother and more loyal to that relationship than anyone I have ever known.   He is praying the rosary and  doing the home enthronement prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Danny, you are definitely “IN”.

How sweet of God to answer my prayers on my birthday March 22nd….which just happens to be the Easter Vigil this year.

~~Don’t cha love it?! ;o)

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