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Hi…I’m back!

Well this has been an interesting new year…

I am finally back to posting again.  I think I have forgotten how.  We are back in our home and wrestling with daily life again.

Great news!

I am expecting baby#8!!

and I am green around the edges….and 8 weeks along…

we are going for a VBAC and I have to travel 45 minutes to go to a midwife and a hospital that will accept our birthing choice.  This stinks as I have a good midwifery practice and a family friendly hospital only 4 minutes away…

I can’t tell you how very excited we are to share in new life again!  There are those in our own family who won’t understand… I honestly feel very very sorry for them.  You can’t force anyone to be happy with the idea of another precious soul to hug them, love them unconditionally, and believe in them….what a shame to miss out on that!

But!  I know God is excited about our precious one and He is the one I want backing me up :o)

We have a beautiful Costa Rican priest at our church who ministers to the Spanish community.  He was one of 11 children and he loooves our family.  When I told him we were expecting he gave me the biggest hug and told me

“Children are God’s smile for all the world!”

The blessing he gave me can rival no other.  He also said “Thank you for your witness!”  …aaah!  Someone who ‘gets it’..

Tell me, how can I go wrong with friends like THAT?!

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