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What is it about boys that makes them so unwilling to do housework. They would rather deliberately take the long way around me than to bend over and pick up a book…

I can yell “15 minute pick-up and then we go out!” and they will disappear faster than ice cream on a hot day in August…the girls run to get the job done and the boys?…I just don’t get it.

If I display anything that requires electricity or batteries, they are my best friends…

If I did allow power tools as manipulatives and told them that they had to actually dress and that would include socks and shoes before they could use it, they would dress in something akin to a 3 piece suit in their eyes (aka…flannel, blue jeans/sweats and a hat) I just don’t get it.

Maybe I just view life too much from a girly angle. (I am not a girly-girl though) I am still kinda blind to that fault. What is there that is not exciting about seeing what the rug actually looks like? Maybe if I buried a chocolate bar under the discarded puzzle pieces and game tokens. Who am I kidding…they would shove all that aside and rip into those bars and throw the wrappers on the floor without noticing. If I point out said wrappers, they would immediately apologize and pick them up so I guess they aren’t completely without manners. But there I go again…thinking like a girl.

So I interviewed dh…

What motivated you to clean up when you were younger…

Then I regretted asking the question. There was no life before the Marine Corps boot camp on Parris Island.

So we have resorted to assigning push-ups and laps around the house. They balked at first…and now they love it. They will deliberately not do their chores if they know they will get an early ticket out to the yard. Must build muscle. But I want to train them in KNIGHTHOOD. Slay the mess monster…suit up in complete honorable garb before addressing the lady of the house aka..out of those jammies boys and sweep the kitchen!

I just don’t get it. I think too much like a girl. Just like the tv remote, we need power…I need batteries that WORK to keep them motoring along the straight and narrow. I need WORKING batteries.. Can you see the sparks flying off of my rosary beads? Our Lady is working on this and I am trying to stay tuned to the pulling of my heartstrings. Boys are interesting creatures, God love them. I know I do (love them) and I stare at them as though I have never seen a piece of art work quite like them and I can’t fathom what is in front of me. hmmm….I don’t get it, but they certainly have my attention.

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My 2.5yo dd peeked out the back door this morning.

“Oh-oh! WHAT a MESS” “Oh brother!”

She runs into the living room and starts grilling 4yo brother. Not quite getting her point, I take her back to the door and ask her what she saw. The best I could interpret in toddler language from her limited understanding was this…

“brother…shoot it up up there and there and it CRASH into the ground allll over the place” “brother go to the corner, NOW!”

Trying not to laugh…

Evidentially she thinks that firing a nerf rocket up into the two biggest trees in the back yard broke them and crashed the leaves all over the yard. Funny thing…brother did go to the corner….LOL!

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