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So, here I am…TRYING to be holy.

I was trying extra hard to be supportive of my
hard-working husband..you know smile and all..make
nice lunches for him…get up with him when he asks in
the morning…cheerfully…ick. My dh whose salary
was cut and took a second job that enables me to visit
with him for about a hour a day before we go to
sleep…and enables me to have the fun job of doing
everything without him…and still being nice about

I am making extra-nutritious meals with less.

I have bills piled up …dental mostly…that want

I am trying with all my heart never to charge another
thing again, if I can help it.

I am doing great losing weight. The wheat sensitivity
seems to be key for me. Being thinner does help me in
being more virtuous, isn’t that funny?

Both of my ds are very wheat-sensitive and are losing
weight and de-toxing..one from mercury…so that means
them being grouchy, confused, tired and irrational at
times…so I need to be calm, patient and smiley even
though I am rather a chameleon and it would be much
EASIER to be in a bad mood instead of a good one.
Regular feeding, lots fresh air and plenty of water
and rest are priority for them even if I would rather
take a nap then go to the park.

My house has 5 unfinished projects…some from 2 years
ago, with no real idea when anyone will not be working
to work on that.

And I have been cheerful…and prayerful..you know, for the most part…


Yesterday, the Good Shepherd statue lost a hand and a
ram got knocked off the base. I was reading a
religious read-alout with my oldests twin dds. The
toddler decided that the mantle shelf was worth
exploring. I felt weird, kinda guilty feeling even
though I didn’t do it, but thought, at least I can
glue that guy’s paws down and no one would
tell…sorry, the ram, not Jesus. His HAND I will
attempt to glue on, once I find out the correct glue
to use for the job.

My “rescued” angel that I found at a country
store…on the third floor in a corner with a tag that
said “as is” because it was decapitated and glued back
on but still looked great…all 24″ of it. My ds
dropped it and broke off a beautiful wing this
morning. I thought it would be fine standing in the
corner under the crucifix on the wall….

I got a phone call. A medical item that we FAILED to
return we are still being charged for….and they
didn’t charge us until now? 7 month later…oh Lord,
I forgot. Looks like we owe them about a grand and
they want to know why I refuse to charge the full
amount on it today…yikes!

We will never win. LOL…not without lots more prayer and sacrifice.

Why is the cost of living so high? Why is it that one person, working hard and bringing home a half way decent salary can’t
provide for his family. I long for a simpler life in
the country. I am not afraid of hard work. I long
for the good kind of tired, a quiet private place, a
great parish and somewhere where it gets dark at
night…but I digress…

I tell you, I quit. I am going to play with the kids
today. They made a play restaurant in the basement
and I know they used nails to hang up the
signs…gulp…(it is an unfinished basement so
maybe..it isn’t too bad?) I am going to make cookies
with no butter (I will have to use oil…ran
out..won’t get more until tomorrow) then I think we
will read all the library books under a tent which
also happens to be our dining room table…aka a
blanket over the thing… all 56 of the books we got
out last week. If you are looking for me, I will be
hiding under there. AFTER I say my rosary, of course.

I got to pray a novena to St. Michael. TRYing to be
good invites trouble. I need someone strong to cover
me. Arg..I forgot to pray my rosary

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