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Schedule Management

Our Montessori-ish work schedule for the little ones runs for almost 3 hours.  If there are engaging activities on hand they tend to keep at it for THAT long!  The things that sabotage this are the interruptions.  I am seeing the reoccurring theme of NO INTERRUPTIONS over and over again in my reading.  I know there are some interruptions that cannot be avoided.  I know that some can be helped like the outside interruptions of the phone, the doorbell ringing and "unexpected visitors" certainly can be curtailed.  I think I will be keeping a running list of things that knock us off our stride and try to re work things from there…

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Sorry about the spotty postings and the long absence.  I have had to take a sabbatical of sorts to work on new routines, my home and our new homeschooling endeavors…life has been rather stressful from outward sources as well.  This year’s educational agenda is quite different as my babies are certainly growing older without me looking.  I am tired but I am beginning to see good fruit which gives that tired a new kind of meaning.  As my grandmother would say "a good tired"…yes!  It is that!

I had a random thought the other night while watching our latest Netflix delivery with dh during our "quiet time" (meaning the blissful silence after the children are all slumbering after a long day)  We were watching an old episode of JAG and it had the JAG crew playing the chaplains in a softball game.  During said game, an issue arose that caused the game to be called off and right before JAG left, one of the chaplains said, "we will pray for you".  I turned to my dh and said, "Why is it that when you give someone the best gift that you have to give…prayer.. and you put it into words like that…especially on the "big screen", it sounds so weak and corny?"

I was just thinking of that…today…here I was with EWTN playing away on my computer and the speaker began his talk with prayer.  Now Timothy O’Donnell sounded so masculine and strong.  There was nothing corny about his call to prayer. … hmmm….

So I got to thinking…maybe it is because some persons might not really relate in a deep way in day to day things that are outside ourselves…like those actors playing softball on the "big screen"  but when we really get down to it…real prayer…and deep faith…it means more than anyone can put into words.  Maybe that is why when I think my deep thoughts out loud, I sometimes get blank looks from those that don’t have a deep attachment to prayer.  I got to say, sometimes I feel like a deep sea diver who is fascinated with the beauty and the intricacy of the world under the water and I come back to land and find that I have so much trouble communicating in a way that paints the beauty of what I see.  I have trouble making what I say hit on the heart of what I have discovered to those who don’t know and haven’t seen…yet.  Maybe I would be a much better witness if I just kept things simple…as simple as just "follow me"

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