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It is hot today…and you would think we would be used to it by now…do you believe me? 😉

Thankfully I have a steady supply of frozen strawberries and the kids are in a joking mood and aren’t whining…
I sought some cyber-relief by blog hopping, left to get some strawberries but got back to find this sign on the computer:
I gave my ds(11) The EYE and he hastily turned the sign around:

This morning my ds(8) was playing with out resident tiger (Mister Tiger) folkmanis puppet and our 2yo. You have to understand my 8yo son…he is VERY funny and has an incredible sense of timing…the way he delivers his lines and the timing of them is what makes them so funny.  I do not have the gift…I can even mess up a joke just thinking about it…
This is what I overheard between him and his eldest sister(13) who just happened to be in the room at the time:

8yods playing with Mister Tiger as  puppet using a Fozzy Bear type voice and starts using it to talk to 2yo:
"I am from Ireland."
13yo dd cuts in:
"You come from Asia!"
8yo continues without missing a beat :
"My uncle lives in Africa.  I currently live in South Jersey."
13yodd says:
If you are from South Jersey, how come you don’t have a South Jersey accent?
 8yods quips:
"I am lucky I have a drivers license."

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