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I am spending the summer in a major overhaul on the house, attic and basement.  I am finding any lost pieces and re-filing all my paperwork…why?  Not because I am a glutton for punishment, but because I need to get my head and heart ready for the new school year game. 

I came across this list of sizes for the trinomial and binomial cube…and thought I would share.  I did this a few years ago and I am missing a few pieces so I need to find a good source of cm blocks in bulk again…anyone??…besides I want to make the painted and unpainted versions!

OK…measurements…the Trinomial is made up of 3 cubes and 7 sizes of prisms(but more than one of each size as follows:

Cubes of Trinomial:Tricube1


Prisms of Trinomial:
(3) 4x4x3
(3) 4x3x3
(6) 4x3x2
(3) 3x3x2
(3) 4x2x2
(3) 3x2x2

All of the 4×4 faces are red.
All oif the 3×3 faces are blue.
All of the 2×2 faces are red.
All non-square faces are black.

Cubes of Binomial :

Prisms of Binomial:Bicube

(3) 4x4x3
(3) 3x3x4

All 4×4 faces are red.
All 3×3 faces are blue.
All 3×4 faces are

When we made ours a few years ago, I used wood cm blocks and joined them together with wood glue.  I just made the Trinomial Cube the first time as the cubes and prisms of the Binomial are the same…They aren’t 100% square, but we did not mind.  (in truth, they looked pretty darn good IMHO 😉

We also did not paint ours…I was intending to make another set that I would paint (after coating it with a bit of wood filler)…the kids enjoyed seeing and feeling how many cm blocks made up each cube or prism.  At the time, I did not even make up the cards for the cubes either…this time I am.  I hope this helps someone!

Cards and equations for Binomial and Trinomial cube


Shu Chen: binomial, trinomial
MWEI:  Binomial, Trinomial

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