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I finally made this loaf of  Wheat (seems like white from berries that taste like white…oh…what are they called?…hard red winter or is it spring…or is it soft red winter or spring…I assure you, it was the correct one but I did the research and ordered the berries months ago…sigh!  …this is my real life folks! ) ahem…bread and this Honey Butter Recipe….I served the butter soft from the mixer…spreads like…well, like butter!

The bread had a wonderful rise and a beautiful crumb.  It sliced easily and makes great sandwiches…if you make it that far, that is!  I used lecithin as a dough enhancer at 1 TLBS per cuppa flour.  You know there is a problem when children request this before brownies, cookies and cake for a dessert…LOL!

HT: to Melissa at A Piece of Bread!  mmmm…thanks!!

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I would love to get a hold of Tim Seldin’s books..but here he is in a radio interview!
Timothy Seldin is president of the Montessori Foundation, and author of
"How To Raise An Amazing Child the Montessori Way" (DK Publishing)

ht: Joy Montessori

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