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Today is as beautiful as it was fourteen years ago.  The sky is a deep deep blue, the birds are singing, the blooms are full on the trees and I am counting my blessings!  …Seven beautiful blessings as a matter of fact! …little did we know then what "those young people" were getting themselves into ;o)

My dh once said, if you told me then that I would be working at this job, living in this home, with this many children, I would have thought you were nuts!  It is amazing what the Spirit can do to the human heart, isn’t it?!  Our hearts have done nothing but grow large since we married…in the losing of ‘self’ and the gaining of God’s grace so many wonderful things have happened despite the potholes and such. 

The icing on the cake…so to speak…is that my sister-in-law has just gone into labor with her first baby!!  I am so excited for them.  Please keep Melinda and Joe and "baby Walnut"  in your prayers!

Happy Anniversary, honey! 

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