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I have to remember that leaving my little eager beaver dd (7) in the care of an over active older boy while playing on some playground equipment is a bit of a dumb thing to do.   It was a beautiful warm spring day and I was overcome with the beauty of it and my common sense was not up to par, I must admit.

I was watching from anear but missed the whole thing.   She said that they were playing tricks down the high zig-zag slide by trying to slide down the outside.  So the slide zigged then zagged but she didn’t and she flew off onto the ground landing full force on her wrist.  Thanks be to God it was not broken. 

She is so full of life that she just wants to capture and emulate the full enthusiasm of everyone but fails to have that enthusiasm checked by the prudence processing center of her brain.   I pray for this child every day.  I am not looking forward to her older "teenage" years….gulp!

I did talk to her about playground safety and how she needs to act prudently so that she can
~avoid any more accidents to herself
~avoid being a bad example
~accidentally injuring another little one that may be playing around her…..

She thoughtfully mused about the wise words of motherly wisdom that I was using this object lesson to convey and her heartfelt response was…

"It is not fun when you get your wrist strangled (read strained) and I wouldn’t want to strangle anyone else while we are playing either! …We just can’t let strangling accidents happen, Mom!"

no, we mustn’t let that ever happen, dear! ;o)

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