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I just can’t speak. 

My voice is gone. 

I have read aloud the Hidden Treasure of Glaston for the last two days and looooved every minute of it.  But, alas, my voice doth fail me!  Catholic high adventure during the middle ages at its finest!

The twins (13yodds) were seated on chairs next to me…No… on the EDGE of their chairs and once in awhile they interrupted with "Why did they do that""What do you think that means?! and "Do you think that is TRUE?!"  I had to remind them more than once not to pull me away from the wonderful picture that the words of the story were painting for me in my mind.  I told them "When the words come out of my mouth you will know!" LOL  (They still think I am holding out on them when I don’t tell them  everything ;o) 

Wonderful thing is, we have been covering Illumination for some time now and are very interested in it.  This book "illuminated" that study rather well with its plot.   Thrilling read.  We give this book 3 thumbs up!

Hmm…time to update the sidebars with the new reads we are going to be sharing!…

How  much fun it will be to jump from England to Ireland tomorrow!!

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