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I got hit in the head by a brick today.  I mean it!  (Figuratively speaking of course!  LOL) "It" happened while trying to teach large-motor boy(8) to learn…ok, I mean ….trying to teach large-motor boy how to buckle down and pay attention to some of the "school subjects", I had to be willing to learn too.  This child has been my biggest parenting challenge since he turned three.  (God love him!!)  As resistant to the traditional way of doing things (schoolwork only being just one of them) as he was…I found that I was resistant too.   Can you believe THAT??  Who ME??!…I have been trying hard…on the job with bells on every day….me??!!…hmmm …can you just feel God nodding vehemently??

I already know how to read and write and figure math problems.  It is ds’s turn to learn this stuff! (Can you see my hand sweeping across the bookshelves in a Vannah White imitation??) But WAIT!  before that happens…I have to learn something new… bbbut… now?  Yessir! 

I had to learn how  to:

see the world as he does
find out how HE learns

then….*deep breath*…*steel yourself*…..follow THROUGH!

Give and take…I have to give and take from him as he gives and takes from me. 

He reads for me…then we play a game of chess…HE is teaching. 
We do a math lesson…I then have to learn how to throw the magnetic darts correctly….(thank God ds is a patient soul!)

He listens as I read him a bible story and he draws a picture and then narrates the story back to me as I record it in his bible book.  I then learn about his plans to fashion a squirrel-proof bird feeder. 

I am learning how to relax and have fun even though my responsibilities weigh heavily on me as they are sooo numerous.  I am finding out that these same responsibilities are easier to bear as I learn the way this child does.  This child isn’t hard to teach…I AM!  God writes our lives with crooked lines….sneaky as He is ;o)…so He knew this when He entrusted this precious soul to our care.  The question of the day is….."Am I patient enough to learn something new today?"  (I love praying for God’s Will…after all He knows best and He is perfect!  Ok, so I pray this prayer with one eye closed like I am kinda hiding from the sky that may just fall on me….LOL)

All the prayers and pleading to live according to HIS way have very unexpected answers.  I guess He likes to be as unpredictable as my son!    Talk about learning more about God though His creation!

Homeschooling…just WHO is teaching WHOM?

Mark 10:14

Oh wow…I am learning something new in each second now…

My littlest one just got an ouchie while playing and just now wanted me co cuddle her in my arms so she could cry just a few tears and snuggle the pain away and my eyes caught the saying on the coffee mug sitting next to me…it says "May your day be filled with love"  I never read that mug before….even though I must have cleaned it a thousand times….Imagine trying to live every day with a motivation of REAL love.…( God’s love is sacrificial after all…) looks like   that is the WAY to go…to THE KINGDOM of course! Thanks God!  Thanks to you, it surely is! 

(I can’t believe it took me five years to learn this….I needed a brick today…I could use it to build  new foundations in his learning adventures…or should I say…MY learning adventures….LOL)

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