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"Mooom!  Is is Friday yet?? "
   "Yes, why?"
My package should be here today!!"

   "umm…what package?"
"The order I got to place with Steve Spangler Science that I got for Christmas!!"
   "LOL…you don’t like science THAT much do you dear Young Edison(11)?"
"That’s IT! *throws up his hands… I can’t take the wait any longer!  I am going to look at his experiments on the web…I need a few pointers NOW!!…"

Who says you have to hit your head on the wall to make them learn?
Go to Steve Spangler Science and watch the experiments they have there…never has science been so cool…so friendly to young and old …aaaannd sooo easy for the kids to learn by osmosis!  ooh yes!  Here is his blog.  Steve is so much fun to watch!!  Their catalog is my favorite fun resource for cool science gifts.  We love ‘ya Steve!

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