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Bread Starter Help Needed

I had some great links for making bread with a starter.
I also had some great advice as to how to keep it going while homeschooling. 
I lost it all. 

Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Do you have any favorite links and or advice to share?  Please post away or send me an email at tapp^clan at hot^mail dot com….please take out the ^ and add  @ and .    …hope I didn’t make it too hard…lol. 
I am ready to be a breadmaker that uses a starter all the time for a family of 9 (7dc)!
What is your favorite equipment and pans?  What are your favorite recipies??  I sooo want to learn!!

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Here I am hopping up and down with my kids as we work out to Walk Away the Pounds by Leslie Sansone as recommended at the 4Real Board.  I see that Kim is walking  away too!  Is anyone else joining in the fun??
I am also using Lose Your Mummy Tummy  to help me with the muscle separation from all of the kiddoes that have been under my belly button (I also have the DVD). You can repair that kind of tummy damage no longer how long it has been since you had your baby…how cool is that?!

What is so helpful to me are the videos that help me see the proper posture I need for these exercises while the toddler falls all over me.  My back is feeling so much stronger since I started this past week.  It was not especially weak, but I got tired easily when standing for longer periods of time…like doing the dishes.

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