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We are havin’ fun with Dawn’s Leter Meme!!….

Hmmm…the letter F?!  This is a tough one, Dawn!

The Things I Love …brought to you by the letter F!

  1. Food …I love to cook and bake and share it with Friends!!
  2. Filet mignon…dh does a mean BBQ not to be missed!!
  3. Fudge…I looooove chocolate.  I must have an over-active chocolate gene!
  4. Fall…Oh, how I love to walk in the cool crisp weather with the beautiful colors all around!
  5. Flowers …especially roses! I really love roses!!  They make my heart light!
  6. Fun  …especially messy fun with the children….I appreciate it even more when someone else does the cleaning though ;o)
  7. Friday  …creative arts day here…poetry, art appreciation, art expression, music….and tea!
  8. Foaccia and French bread hot from the oven!!
  9. historical Fiction….especially from Bethlehem Books and Hillside education.  We loooove historical fiction for read-alouds…we read till Mom’s voice works no more!!
  10. The Holy Father! …God bless the Pope!!

Thank you Dawn!  This was such fun!!

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