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I was Adopted by a Saint!


Thank you dear St. Elizabeth Ann Seton!  We love you our dear patron and friend!

St Elizabeth Ann Seton is my confirmation patron.  Without knowing the significance of that date, I had my twin dds Rebecca and Katherine on her feast day.  Years later when reading the story of her life to them, I read that out of her 5 dc she had two daughters named… Catherine and Rebecca.

About that same time I was starting to homeschool and a well-meaning but out of line family member kinda verbally attacked me for my choice of homeschooling.  We were at a family event and I went out to the car to nurse my almost 1yo son.  While I was in that car, I talked with God….alot.  I prayed for St. Elizabeth’s intercession and asked God if I was indeed doing His will because I loved the thought of this great undertaking.  I was so very attracted to it. …this homeschooling business… I started to pray the rosary and by the 2nd Joyful mystery, I was filled with a great calm.  This was my great ah-ha! moment.  I have never doubted homeschooling ever since.

Two years ago, I was eagerly awaiting the birth of our 7th child.  We knew she was to be a girl and we wanted to name her after the Christ-Child as she was due around Christmas.  Christmas came and went and when I was at my mothers home, I just happened to glance at her inspirational calendar.  It said…"If God seems to be delayed, it is because He has a good reason."  LOL..I thought…how appropriate!  I went to Sunday mass and the parish priest looked at me and said "St. Elizabeth Ann."  What?  I asked…  "St. Elizabeth Ann…THAT is when you are going to have that baby!"  Oh Father, if you only knew…that is my confirmation patron.  "See?  That is the day!"

There were many other co-incidences or should I say God-incidences that kept poping up…Elizabeth Ann was everywhere!


The ultrasound said this baby was about 12 lbs.  I knew it COULD be wrong.  I was holding too much fluid.  They called me into the midwifes office and I went after going into church begging God that a C Secton was not in the plans and that I do whatever He willed.  I didn’t know who to trust except Him.  At the midwife’s office they told me that they were fearful of how this was affecting the baby and wanted me to go to the hospital right away for a C Section schedualed for that evening.  I walked into the hospital and heard that player piano playing a song my mom often played and I relaxed.  I sat down in the chair to give them my info and it started to play the Ave Maria as soon as my rear end hit the seat…the day….St. Elizabeth Ann’s feast day.

I got up to the maternity ward and called my mother…"Mom?  it looks like I have to stay here…can you pick up a cake for the twins"?  The nurse said "…if she doesn’t cry…I will!"

My dd was born at a healthy 10lbs 8 oz.  Perfectly pink in every way.

Did you ever feel like you were adopted by a saint?  I do!

…and a very happy birthday to three beautiful daughters!
I do have another dd born in August…I know that isn’t a feast day of St Elizabeth Ann, but it IS the birthday of my dearly departed maternal grandmother.  My grandmother’s name is….

….Elizabeth….  co-incidence??  hmmm..who knows? ;o)

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