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Montessori at the Chinese Buffet?  Yep!

We had loads of fun keeping the almost 2, 3.5 and the 6yo busy in the Chinese Buffet Restaurant yesterday.

Almost 2 dd played with various geometric shapes on her plate as she was not interested in eating or staying in her chair.  The various geometric shapes found at this bar suited themselves perfectly for building scenes on her plate.  My favorite was the cheese stuffed triangle and the rectangular shapes of chicken and the circles of scallop.

She was also interested in transfer exercises from my plate to hers and back again.  The transfer exercises were more complicated for the older kids.  They used more sophisticated equipment…like chopsticks!

Another fun activity was spearing grapes and other fresh fruits on chopsticks for eating.  This alone kept them busy for about 20 minutes!  We added and subtracted groups of fruits just for fun and tried to copy patterns in the "What comes next?" game.  We also sorted them by size and color. 

Pushing pieces of straw in and out of an empty lidded cup was a big hit for the 2yo too!.

So we hit on some fine motor exercises, math, geometry, and patterning exercises…not bad for a dinner outing with no prep  work involved on my part other than washing of hands and the saying of Grace!!…and I didn’t even have to do the dishes!

HT: To Rebecca for the cool graphic!!! 

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Life on the Funny Farm….

If my life weren’t’ so darned funny it could be called
a tragedy…hahaha


Guess what?  After 8 months?  of being van-less…my
dh was tapped on the shoulder on his break yesterday
and a man told him of a van that just came into the
local dealership…it is an 1999 Chevy Express 15
passenger van with 69,000 miles.  We do need some
financing and were qualified for it, but I HATE any
more debt.  So I prayed the Chaplet of Mercy and asked
we not be qualified if that were not His Will…we
were of course…later I was handed a Pope John Paul
II medal with Our Lady of Mercy on the back for the Marian year of 87-88.  Is this a go-for-it sign…?  I
like this medal thingy!

The oil guy just tuned up the furnace…AFTER he
walked out the door I looked down on the sheet of
paper, which of course I signed without looking and it
said "Furnace not recommended for service contract due
to low efficiency…"  gulp!  Ahh…the house of
dis-repute still haunts me…speaking of my life of
high adventure and amusement…

The hand-washing the dishes thingy is a never ending
source of amusement for me.  I never saw so many
people make it seem like they were so very unavailable
to do that job.  How come if I ask.."Oh, who will help
me eat this chocolate?!", I get a whole parcel of
children (some of them not even my own) surrounding me
…salivating, ready willing and able to help.  What
generous souls!! 
Then I ask, "Who will do ten, count
’em ten dishes… the low bargain price of a hot meal
and a bed??", my house turns into a Ghost town
complete with swinging doors, shutters, and a lonely
wind??  some things just have no answers, I guess!
Oh, don’t get me wrong, they eventually do something,
but ten almost-clean-to-begin-with saucers don’t cut
the mustard.

I am GLAD God is overseeing my life.  It is too much
for me to manage…ha ha…I mean me not being
omniscient or anything…LOL  could you imagine??!

Time to go clean again.  I can’t get this pony song
out of my head.  My dear, dear brother and his wife
got my almost 2yo dd a rocking stuffed horse for
Christmas. (I wonder how I am going to get peanut
butter out of this toy.)   I am going to call him and
leave it’s delightfully catchy tune on his answering
machine….over…and over…and over…and over….
"I’m a little pony, clippety-clop, clippety-clop. Such
a pretty pony, clippety-clop, clippety-clop… it goes
on from there, but you get the general gist… 
It is engraved in my mind and will NOT leave…much to
the chagrin of my dh…LOL!

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