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...My six year old dishwasher as it goes up in smoke.

What is it with me and appliances this month…did the warranty just expire on them??!…is that it?? Murphy’s Law strikes again!

I felt oddly amused when it happened.  I thought ,"Ah!  I will get those kids to realize the value of taking care of appliances and the value of good honest diligent work!"

Yikes…my electronic servants are leaving me at an alarming rate!  Don’t I admire them enough?  Do I not give them the best natural soaps and tend to their needs diligently? 

It is not MY fault that the toddler, as of late, prefers to use the door of the dishwasher as a springboard for launching herself to the counter to sneak cookie dough!  That teeny weeny crack really didn’t allow too much water into that electronic door panel.  At least dh was home and knows his way around a breaker panel and how to use it…(IE ..shut off the breaker to prevent more smoke from perfuming my kitchen)…sigh!

Day 3…we are still doing great….no real build up at the sink…but me thinks the novelty of it all is wearing off….

Tune into next weeks episode of "Oh, how the children survive without electronic help"…when we hear: "Mooo-ooom!  Bbbuuut!  ‘I’ did it last weeeek…..!!" LOL

Did I mention how therapeutic blogging is?? 

Yep, there is no appliance that is safe in the clutches of a toddler!  I think an honest appliance company that actually wants to put out a product that will withstand years of faithful service ought to hire us to be their product testers.  I have said that about toy manufacturers for YEARS!!

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