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Rebecca at the 4Real board passed the link on to this wonderful new site…A Number of Things by Alice Cantrell the Author of Sewing With St. Anne.  Check it out!

Speaking of needlecraft…..
I am trying to teach myself to knit and remember crochetting enough to teach my dc this art.  Klutz book in hand, I am giving it a go!  Someone has to!  I don’t want it to die out in my generation!  I remember my grandmother, mother, and my aunts keeping themselves busy for hours with these crafts.  They never wanted idle hands and would laugh and talk with you as their needles would click away at lightning speed.

I have such fond memories of my maternal grandmother making many items for people many of which she didn’t even know…I can still see her lining up all her finished creations on the loveseat in the living room…. a gift for a friends granddaugher’s neighbor… or a Christmas stocking for a new grandchild….or an afghan for an elderly friend.  My favorites were all the newborn hats, sweaters and booties in many pastel colors and lovely varried patterns.

My dear grandmother has taught me so much, even now as I am an adult…even though she has been gone for fourteen long years now.  I constantly learn from her example of simplicity in living from the memories… reapplying them to my ever changing life as a wife and mother.  It is amazing to me how I now realize as an adult how powerful a witness of love the little things are to others.

Following her example, I want to get better at my craft so that I can give things away as gifts when I hear of a neighbor’s daughter that has just had a baby or so on.  I want to be generous many times over, but my pocketbook isn’t as deep as the one I would like to have.  I want to perfect my skills so that I can do more than that pocketbook can! 

I think it is important to pass these things on to our children…can you immagine if we were too busy to do that?  It does calm the mind and heart when the fingers have something to do.   It is taking rest, exercising creativity, and accomplishing something at the same time.  It is being generous and  creates a heart that thinks of others.  That is the kind of heart I would like to have.  That is the kind of heart that I would like my dc to have.  Coincidentally Mary G. posted a beautiful article at 4Real about crafters 

"Arts and crafts made by one’s own hands, reflecting the ingenuity and creation of one’s own mind, can bring beauty into the world and make God’s presence more visible. For all creative effort is from God, and God is Beauty itself."

I am  starting to teach my twins(12) and my 6yo dd to crochet.  They are very eager to learn.  I think I am going to start with a granny square pattern and let them make oodles of those.  If only we could come up with a way of keeping the toddler from running away with the yarn or my ds from making contraptions with the yarn or my other ds from sword fighting with the needles…..any suggestions for keeping your works-in-progress together??

I have been planning for my return into the world of crafting for three months now.  Now it is time to make the dream real…AKA  get my rear in gear and get going ;o)  LOL!

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