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The Power of Suggestion….

...the power of suggestion….

!!  Last night I had one of those finals dreams. 

I was in High School and College at the same time.  I was wearing mis-matched sandals and pushing my 23mo dd in a stroller and I came into the building on finals day and I wasn’t sure if I even attended my classes and I was looking at the finals schedual trying to figure out which classes I was supposed to have had so I could try and talk to the professors in giving me an extension….

I went into one class as the professor was dictating bible passages for the exam…I thought "oh no!  I have to take this one by tomorrow…How, oh how am I going to memorize the whole Bible by TOMORROW??!  She gave me run-off pages to study and then the books…they were a huge stack of …picture books!  I thought…"Oh!  I love picture books…I can do this!" 

There was a binder and a large vinyl covered book in my arms too and I could not carry the whole thing…it kept exploding out of my hands onto the floor…and I was wondering how I was going to get them all on the school bus to get home…so I started filing them in a box that turned into a locker and then turned into a metal shed!  There was a shelf in there with toddler toys to keep my dd busy as I studied…but then …where did she go off too??…(I thought…she is a very independent capable child with a strong free will, after all!)  Then I was wondering how i was going to drag the shed down the hall without ruining the floor…much less get it through the door of that yellow bus that must be almost ready to leave me behind!  The last book to go in there was  LARGE vinyl book and I looked at the title…it was about… organization!!..and I thought…WOW!  I can do this!…I have the book!

I think I have been reading the 4Real Forums too long…LOL!!  aand I think that I am trying to use too many books at the same time for "school"…at least from the diagnosis of this Dr. Mom…;o)

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