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Otherwise known as: The best laid plans of mice and men and women named Donna Marie….

I make cookies with the little ones frequently.  How is it that I can never remember how hard it is to keep all the dough in the bowl and off of the ceiling and/or floor?  I think I have mommy induced Alzheimer’s.  I certainly remember the contented smiles full of gingerbread crumbs and half-filled cups of mushy crumby milk that will stick to any surface with more power than it takes to hold ten full grown men?!  I can’t seem to ever recall the effort of getting the cookies actually made….

Why is it that I can’t remember that I have a heavy kettle and to LOOK inside of it when I want a cup of tea?  I have it engraved upon my DNA to just pick it up and swirl it around and feeling the appropriate heaviness THINK that all the water I need is actually IN there?!  Well, all I can say is Lemonade would have been a better choice of drink…that is what I ended up with after all…

After I realized that it wasn’t just a bit of something on the element making the smoke alarm go off…
After I realized that the kettle had fused itself to the element and would not come off…
After I realized that it would not explode if I maneuvered it off the stove…element still attached….
After I realized that the perfect place to put it would be…
…outside on the grill …quickly closing the cover so my neighbors would not stare too long…

It was then that I realized that I did not burn my precious few cookies…the ones that survived the 23mo dd’s hands! 
God is Good!
Please pass the lemonade!

My dh loves me…I called him at work…

"Honey, I need a new whistling kettle."
"Oh, yeah,,,a new element for the stove…the large one?…"
"and a new smoke alarm" "….why dear?"
"…  Well… it is because I couldn’t really reach the alarm to turn it off and the broom handle accidentally knocked it into a few measly extra pieces…I don’t know how important they are…"
"oooh…ooh I almost forgot!  We need a new Brita pitcher…."

"Of course you shouldn’t be afraid to ask, dear…you KNOW you can ask me anything…"

Well, you see?   It was when I came into the kitchen to save the stove that I slipped on the water that dd spilled out of the sink while helping me wash the bowl.  I took the pitcher down with me onto the floor and it cracked and all that water is now under the fridge. I am trying to get it out, but the fridge is so heavy that the water is probably already in the basement."

"Really that is all..excepting of course the important bills that were stacked neatly on the edge of the counter….they are hanging up in the bathroom drying…but at least they didn’t break!"

"I know you love me, honey…that is one of the many things I treasure about you!!"

Oh, when are the older kids coming home??!  I think that I forget things because it is my brains way of protecting me from mental-overload.  If I did not blog this event, I would forget it in a matter of hours. As  a matter of fact I should start denying it now.  Hmmm what else could possibly happen today?  I think I will start dinner…..
Does this kind of thing EVER happen to you?

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Gingerbread  While the older children are out Christmas shopping, I am making a large plate of Orange Spiced Gingerbread  with the younger ones….We love to roll it thick.  I think I am going to have some raw honey and milk with this comforting Honey Vanilla Chammomile tea:Honeyvanillachamomilemed

Please pull up a chair and make  your self at home.  I would love to enjoy your delightful company… Btw..no shoes required ;o)

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