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What a day for a Birthday!!

The feast of the Immaculate Conception is my former Marine’s birthday!!

  Please offer up a special prayer  as a gift for my hard-working loving dh Jeffrey today!  I would love to shower him with a bouquet of prayers and well wishes!

If you would leave a birthday greeting, I am sure it would make his day!

Happy Birthday, Honey!  I love you!!

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"I Am the Immaculate Conception."
Happy Feast Day Holy Mother!

Our Lady of Lourdes  ~Hector Garrido

At the National Shrine Mary’s Garden’s dedication on June 10, 2000,  Msgr. Bransfield stated
in his remarks at the dedication:

"The Song of Songs speaks of ‘An Enclosed Garden’, ‘A Fountain Sealed’ – imagery referring to Mary’s fidelity, her immaculate conception, her perpetual virginity.


"May Mary’s Garden, designed with these words in mind, be a constant source of inspiration and renewal
to all who venture there to pray and rest."
Info from mgrdens.org

It would be a good tradition to begin thinking of the plan of your Mary Garden during this great feast.  As the Chrismas holidays draw to a close, contemplate during the dark winter months how you would best like to honor Our Holy Mother in your own Mary Garden next spring!  Contemplate how you would like to create your own space to pray and rest in the arms of so loving a Mother!

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Did you catch St. Nick visiting Magnum Opus

What a wonderful tradition…to actually SEE him and not just what he leaves behind!

My kids went crazy with the shoes too…had little gold foil alllll over the house …we can’t let any of that yummy chocolate get away from us…the wrappers are another story….LOL

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