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If I Were a Rich Man…

Do you remember the song?

Not that it really applies here, but the title is catchy. 

Cuz IF I had the money …(puleeze God?  I got good intentions..:o)…  I would place something like this in my very visable lit front yard.

The Three WIse Men would start in my very visable side yard and slowly move toward the creche….

Now I can really hear my neighbors…WHATis ‘that lady‘ …you know , the wacky one with the 77 children??….What is she up to NOW?!

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What is She Doing Now?

On the phone to Michaels…

~Hello…do you have purple Christmas lights?
Are you sure you want purple?
~Yes, I am!  Do you have any?
Umm…well, I can check….
~Ok…please do that.

You won’t believe this, but we DO have purple lights in sets of 100! 
Great!  I’ll be right over!

You gotta wonder what that lady was thinking….of course I want purple lights!  Doesn’t everyone?!

Do you want to know what I am doing with purple lights?

Decorating my tree, silly!  I am stringing up the purple and white ones….plug in the purple for Advent, and unplug them and on goes the white ones for Christmas!

Go ahead!  Just ask me what I am doing with these purple BEADS!   LOL

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