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Ok…I have to ck out all your wonderful blog posts from yesterday  as my modem decided to drop its drivers and my son used the back-up disk as a hockey puck….but that isn’t what is so WOW about today.

My twin girls LLOOOOOOVE Hilda Van Stockum books…you know, like the Mitchels Five for Victory…etc?  Well, in May I wrote about it here:
Oh for the love of…

How would you feel if you went to her official site and found this?: http://hildavanstockum.com/books.asp

Did I tell you how much I loooove blogging?!!  My dds only wish they could have told her how much they loved her books.  This beloved author died on All Saints Day…she is in our prayers…may she rest in peace!  Here is a wonderful tribute to her.  Read even more about her here.  (I won’t even comment on this article as there is so much to discover about her…oh just READ it!!)  I LOVE that she lived the Liturgical Year!  We are trying hard to do that here too!! 

Thank you, God for sharing this precious soul with us to brighten our hearts!  She certainly colored God all through the world around her!  What a GIFT she is!

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