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DD#2(12) is mixing pumpkin bread.
Sunshine Boy(3), all smiles,  climbs up on 2 grain buckets and happily observes her every move.

Sunshine Boy…can I ask a question?
Dd#2 …Sure!  What do you want to know?
Sunshine Boy…can I spit in the bowl?
Dd#2  Umm…eew?  Why would you want to do that?
Look at it this way,  Spit is special and it doesn’t go in our food, or on people or in the house.
Sunshine boy….Spit isn’t special.  It’s just spit!

Child’s Prayer
Danny Hahlbohm

I find boys to be very interesting creatures.  I never know what to expect!

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We are a bit late in posting this because of being sick…but!  We wanted to share our virtue theme of Thankfulness!  Following Karen’s lead we made our own Thanksgiving tree!  (Sorry no pics…someday that darned camera will behave for me!!)

Each child cut out his/her hand prints in their favorite fall color and wrote their names on them…(for the branches) and then made leaves the same color as their hand prints and they wrote on them the things they were most thankful for.  While I was hanging up the tree trunk, ds(3) came skipping along and chimed in…"Mommy!  You are making a tree?!  That is soo happy!!" 

Among the selections:
I am thankful….

  • That my tooth finally came out last night!
  • For Mommy teaching me
  • For God’s rules telling us what NOT to do…like pinching like THIS and hitting like zap! and taking someones toy! Yeah…if He didn’t make them, THAT would be baaaad!!(from  3yo ds)
  • For Mommy making me learn (yikes!)
  • For the accident with my arm because I am more conscious of being modest.(12yo twin #2)
  • Race cars (7yods)
  • Good books
  • Christmas lists!
  • For funny faces and sound effects and happy feet (6yodd and 3yods)


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I love the Domestic Church comics found here!

We pray the family rosary and I know as they say perfection is God’s business….our’s is just the trying…?


HT: to Julie!

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