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In my research for better living, I have come across some great information on Coconut Oil.  Here are some articles on the glories of using it!  I know some people that will give up everything in order to keep it in their diets.  There was one elderly gentleman in particular who told me that he has a higher quality of life since using it.  It HAS to be a good quality one though.  I love patronizing Wildernessfamilynaturals.com for the centerfuged oil.  We buy in bulk and it lasts for awhile and it has a long shelf life.  We eat it raw for maximum benefits starting at 1tsp at first and working our way up to 1tlbs for the kids per day.   We also use Palm Oil.

Pure Virgin Coconut Oil
Cocoounut Support for Health in the 21st Century
Why Coconut Oil has a bad rep
Nutritional and Health Aspects of Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil a food filled with Good Health Benefits
Quality Fat not low-fat is the secret to weight loss

Certified Organic Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil Resources


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Life at the Funny Farm

Note to self:
Be careful what you tell large motor boy(7) to do unsupervised.  hmmm…do you think a pressured garden hose and some soap are a recipe for disaster?  I mean…i just wanted him to rinse out the shop vac quickly.  How long do you think it will take that half-filled bottle of dish washing detergent to stop foaming up and running off down the sidewalk to the corner?  Looks like lots and lots of fluffy white snow…  The shop vac has never been so clean!  I think my patio will be foaming till April! 

And the other thing…
A bubble bath..   
n the yard … 

Creativity at its finest (says this ds)!

I know God has something great worked out for this boy and …

BOY! I can’t wait to see this kid’s kids!!!

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