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When Life Hands You Lemons…

Well, I knew this wouldn’t last…

The washing machine died…

It died while I was soaking diapers. 

Very dirty diapers….
It is leaking out of the bottom and it won’t go on at all….

Can’t drain it,
Can’t spin that icky water out… 

What is that saying about God shining through our weaknesses?

I would love to see His shining face in the chrome of a brand new extra large capacity washer.  A large hotel model would be great…how about 2 of them?  Heck, while He is at it why not throw in a new dryer too?  And if He gets a bulk discount, maybe he can get me a new fridge?   AAAAnd if He really wants to make me giddy with joy, we can remodel the whole house! But hey!  I am flexible!  We can get a whole new house…a bigger one! 

See, a broken washer gets my dh nothing but trouble!

…so we better get a new washer fast!

Well!  It doesn’t hurt to ask impossible things from God!  Right?! ;o)

Please pray for us to find the means of paying for a new washer….sigh!  Sometimes I think these things happen so we can watch God do His work without us getting in the way…I mean, there is no way we can claim credit for it! 

~Motherhood~  It is NOT for the faint of heart!  ..LOL

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