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My children love to memorize poetry.  For years to come I know that our favorites will include poetry from Robert Lewis Stevenson because we started with him.  He got us hooked on the beautiful rythmic beauty that poetry possesses and the sweet artful images that are contained in each line.  The first time I picked up a copy of his work, A Child’s Garden of Verses,  I was afraid to read it aloud.  I mean, what IF I did it WRONG?!! LOL…  Now I am afraid how empty our lives would be if I didn’t share the music of poetry with the dc!  Boy!  Have I come a long way or what?!

SwingIt is funny how the things we do influence others.  I know that when my children push my grandchildren on the swing they will be chanting as we do the words to his poem The Swing.  I feel so good inside that I was able to make it such a regular part of life that we gravitate to it like a sweet song or a delicious dessert…it holds much for us to discover and re-discover  as we grow and life’s experiences change our outlook on things…It is kinda a way that we measure the passage of time now…time that is passing waay too quickly as it is!  What few days we have to hold little children and snuggle with them over such things.  I love the fact that these fleeting moments are blessed with things that are truely living like poetry.

Today we went to a fellow homeschoolers home for poetry and book sharing day.  We gather in their diningroom with a good group of our friends and the children both young and old share their favorite books and poetry with each other.  For my kids, it is a way to show off, socialize and discover that sharing what we have loved here is a wonderful experience.  It is so much fun to find out what kind of poetry and books motivate others…in it we find many new persepectives.  They truly move each other to reach for more, reach higher in their appreciation of some of the finer arts.  I mean, I saw the look on my ds’s(7) face as he watched an older friend that was 12 recite a piece of Shakespeare.  My son had a look of the deepest respect for his friend and Mr Shakespeare too.  His friend, without knowing it just lit a fire in my son to dig a little deeper…to find out what kind of magic Shakespeare must posess to make another older boy who he respects want to read and share Shakespeare with others.  …"you know Mom, I don’t think we discuss Shakespeare nearly enough.  I think you need to make it more of a priority" …LOL!  The love of  living things is very contageous!

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