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Young Mr. Edison (11) has a new link recommendation he would like to share with you…

At  Singing Science Records  you can sing your way through science on-line in the late 50’s-early 60’s style.  "Zoom a Little Zoom" is a local favorite and will be the kind of song you will hear your mom singing in the van when the windows are down at a traffic light while you try and pretend you don’t know who she is….
If you need to memorize your elements…try this site…but I don’t recommend anything else but this song there.

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Right now, young Edison (11)set up a Ball Run for his littlest sister (20mos) and it is sitting in front of him on the dining room table awaiting her.  He is pouring over the book My Path to Heaven: A Young Person’s Guide to the Faith and taking in the detailed pics just for fun.  There is an empty pan of brownies in front of him…no, he didn’t eat it all, but it is a sign of something we all shared in together.    The toddler comes in and  Edison sets it on the floor in a flourish of gentlemanly flair and the noise calls out the 3yods and they play happily at his feet.  He is back to pouring over the book with a smile on his face.  Little sister hugs his knees smearng chocolate crumbs all over him.  Ah, the Family Centered life…Ora et Labora!

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