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I have been waaay busy lately and I have been thinking of everything I wanted to post as I go along in my day, but so much is happening these days that I forget it very quickly… there is so much activity that I couldn’t possibly write it all down.  It boggles the mind!  I live amidst a 7 ring circus!! …hmm or is that a 9 ring circus….well, anyway…

I finally realized that I can make a "plan" for "school" but the best service I could render myself was to write down what we accomplished rather than what I wanted to accomplish in my plan book.  My plan book is much neater and it looks like we are making steady progress.   I use post-its for "suggestions" for the next day, including any printouts I want made in the glorious quiet time after they go to bed.  Writing it down relieves my heavy brain and helps me hold everything together and keeps the kids on task (especially the Houdini kids ;o)  ~Not to mention less interruptions and better follow-through on my part.  I use a spiral bound notebook for larger random scribbling when inspiration hits.  The only problem is, I have 4 or 5 of these in every corner of the house…

We are easing into our new schedule and I was as pleased as punch yesterday when we finally had a stellar day of school.  I would love more days like those!  We really have to fight for every good moment.  It is hard enough getting the kids into a new schedule and keeping spirits up.  They want to be barefoot and free in the sun!  They love learning for the most part, but it is so hard to compete with the memories of long free summer days.  My Chamomile tea supply is a bit low lately, however…;o)

Part of today I used for me to recoup my thoughts a bit.  I found myself outside scraping paint off of the front stairs and the area around the front door…I am using this non-toxic paint take-it-off-er from Home Depot.  I love this…slop it on, cover it with special paper and scrape it off in a few days.  Today was that scrape it off  day and I had about an hour and a half before it rained and I had an expert helper backing me up.  It was so nice to be able to be quiet and think my own thoughts.  I couldn’t pass up the offer to have this sweet mini version of me working by my side.  She loves to accomplish things.  I am in awe of her stamina.  I NEED more like her!  Covered in muck and overheated I was delighted to hear this:

~"Mommy, I am so glad I am not watching a movie right now.  I mean you can relax and all when it is on, but this is better!"
~Really?  How so?
When you work with your Mom it gives you such a good feeling.  Much better than a movie can.  Besides that it makes God happy. Do you remember the Commandments He made?   I love God more than anyone.  He is the only strong one in the whole world!  And the Blessed Mother,  She is the bestest Mother there is!  Don’t you think so, Mom?"
~stretching backward to relieve the pressure on my back…."yes honey, I really think that too…"
"I love you Mom.  Someday when we both have our children I will come over and help you paint again."

*sniff…does she HAVE-TA grow up?!  Aaah…the way children in love with God can warm the heart and make life seem so much lighter…I feel like I can take on the world!

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